Are you own business rules ‘killing’ your business?

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If you are reading this blog then you will know that I am someone who bridges spirituality and material worlds together. Bringing these two worlds together as the truth is they aren’t separate as everything is spiritual anyway. By everything, I mean everything.

Maybe you see yourself as one of the ‘new age’ businesses, who is here to make money and do lots of good and change the paradigm of business while you are at it. You might call yourself heart centred, conscious or even spiritual or all of the above. You like to use intuition or whatever you think is your intuition, you like to believe in the universe as your support ground and love affirmations, visualisations and vision boards, gratitude journals and talking about things that are love and light.

Money might be an on the fence topic, it is for most as anyone who says they don’t need it must be living in a cave or have so much they don’t need to want to have it as they have enough already.

However in all this popular spiritual knowledge, what I like to call ‘spiritual academia’ when it comes to business and money most people have a set of their own rules that quite frankly are killing their business and flow of abundance.

It is as if the spiritual knowledge which is half-heartedly applied if at all is not as relevant as this is business.  Most people love to ‘know it’ but don’t apply it or ‘be it’.

There is never a moment for you to forget you are spiritually powerful and that universal law is always at play so time to stop killing your own business with your own rules that are contradicting what really is so.

By own rules I mean your rules that are based on fear as if they weren’t you wouldn’t have created them to protect you. The reason you think you need protecting is because you don’t really believe that spiritual and universal law can work or be applied in business. If it is too good to be true it can’t be and to protect yourself from this ‘fable of spirituality’ or realisation that maybe you are ‘bad, mad evil’ or all three, so spiritual and universal law might bypass you or ignore you as your energy is so dark, you create your own rules so you can not feel exposed to your fears. Ironically what you are avoiding happens. It might not be all the time that life and business feel a little icky but the truth is even once or a little is too much as the universe was designed to ensure everyone had fun, abundance and lived joyously and effortlessly.

Life and business was designed to be easy.

My coach’s challenge to you is to think about personal and business rules you have that are contradicting spiritual and universal law. Please share in the comments below…

Maybe you tell yourself that you have to ‘do it all alone’? How does that fit with the spiritual and universal truth of we are one and we are all connected?

Perhaps you are telling yourself your business doesn’t have enough, time, money, clients etc… ? How does that sit within a framework of abundance, it sounds like scarcity thinking to me!

It could be that you live by the rule that business is hard work, you may say this but even if you don’t if it is one of your rules you will be resonating this out to the universe and attracting from this point.

Or it could be that you are caught in a feminine and masculine battle, turning your back on ‘masculine’ activity as described by you and other misguided coaches, like planning, like selling (oo both dirty words for feminine women to use…not!) Having this rule that to do business in a feminine way means not doing anything that someone including you has labelled masculine because it makes you a man is hurting your business and is a great example of a business rule that is killing your business. It stops you embracing the energy of business, ignores an aspect of you and makes it irrelevant and actually means you are not ‘fully present’ in your business.

Final example…and please do share your own expose your own rules that are killing your business and let them go…is that as a woman you assume you got all the spiritual stuff nailed as you were born a woman and the Dalai Lama said western women were going to save the world! I am not going to get started on that one and all I will say is really? That must mean women in the who aren’t in the western world are screwed and that you are clearly doing something amazing as a western women as you have this magical power that needs no work or nurturing, and it is therefore making your business and life amazing and too boot your business is flourishing and creating a massive impact in the world…community etc.?

There I said too much but you get this, your own rules are not always for your highest good and while we are in the back end of 2012 why not expose them so you can move into 2013 aligned to the greatness of you, your power and the universe. It will make life and business easier, trust me!


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