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End of 2015 is within reach. Much talk of review is stirring in many quarters and equally focus on 2016 is being suggested. There is a lot of talk on money goals and changing your money story too.

Now I am all for review not as a post mortem which inflicts pain and steps you back into energy that wasn’t and didn’t support you. As then you are creating and authoring a story that keeps you trapped in the past.

Review for me is to say, OK what did I achieve, what did I learn, if anything and how am I in light of all I experienced choosing to move forward. Choosing being the most operative word and in my view the most forgotten action.

People feel they are stuck. This is my lot. I am supposed to struggle financially. It isn’t my time to have it abundant just yet.

Yet as a Heart Centered Business Owner you know you create your own reality by what you do, or don’t do and what you believe and hold as true and what story you tell yourself…! Ultimately it is a choice you are making consciously or unconsciously.

Your money story is not a product of external circumstances. It is a reflection of you.

To assist you in reviewing and focusing your energy in 2016 around money, wealth and prosperity I have created a quiz money story quiz 2015which will reveal to you whether you empower AKA support, enhance and grow your money story in a way that aligns you to money abundance, or whether you are dis-empowering yourself. When you take the quiz and find out where you stand, you will automatically be empowering yourself and in order to sustain that empowerment as a habit is all down to the choices you make next. Awareness is key and still useful if followed by action to support what you know.

That is of course up to you.

Take the quiz, leave me a comment and do share this resource with others as the New Era isn’t about lack and struggle when it comes to money and stepping forward to change those patterns in our own lives may feel like they take guts, blind faith and courage, however my advice is do what it takes as otherwise you may remain disempowering your own money story and what fun is that?

This isn’t about how much ‘work’ you have done in the past or currently doing as your money story will be limited by you and only you and it will always be for good reason as you have an opportunity too grow. Many get stuck on, well I did some work on this once many moons ago so it ought to be working, it should…growth isn’t a tick box it is an ongoing journey. A choice to continue to be more and release more and let more light in or getting stuck in a rut that says, well I need more proof that everything I have done was right and is going to work. Proof is the opposite of intuition consider this? The heart knows it doesn’t need proof!!!!!!

Make a choice today once you have taken the quiz below to let your money story be a happy one for ever more!

Sarupa Shah

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