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What I am exploring in this article is spiritual contradiction. Originally I had started exploring this a while ago and wrote about it here if you want to see it. By contradiction I mean do you say one thing and do another. You know something, or pretend you do as it is the ‘right’ thing to know allegedly and yet you don’t live by that ‘knowing’ because something in you is pulling you into contradiction.

When you are in spiritual contradiction you aren’t in authenticity because you aren’t living your truth or sharing your truth.

photo credit: My Rainbow via photopin (license)

photo credit: My Rainbow via photopin (license)

This may make uncomfortable reading for you, I don’t know, though my intention isn’t for it to be uncomfortable. Thought provoking yes. As without exploring where you are contradicting yourself you cannot know where you are living out of alignment with what you know and therefore missing out on living wisely and authentically.

Spirituality and all that goes with it, is (a) big business and (b) hugely popular and fashionable. That is a good thing, however like all things popularity brings in a pressure to be on trend without always having a foundation of real understanding why. Reminds me of the time when rara skirts where in fashion in the 1980’s. I only wore one because everyone else was, and to be honest I thought they were awful…I just didn’t want to look like I wasn’t in the ‘in crowd…!’

Being a spiritual contradiction isn’t because you aren’t spiritual enough as that is an oxymoron. It is more that there is a lack of understanding and fear and unless you are willing to own that it is there you simply won’t be able to change the energy of where you contradict yourself.

If you don’t change the energy you are basically saying that you aren’t willing to step forward to claim your magnificence. While that is always a choice, I just want to inspire you today to make that choice on purpose rather than a default. That’s the thing with spiritual contradiction, I have found people are so well rehearsed in the ‘justify’ and ‘defend’ as it stops the need to address something that their mind has decided might be so hard so better to avoid it all together and the emotional body who wants to fit in says don’t worry I will say the right things so we hide the contradiction. Underneath it all is fear, a hidden pattern and mindset and without naming (and that is different to exploring them and going on the why goose chase!)  these and changing habits spiritual contradiction remains.

However there are some of us who have been gifted the service to say, hey we see your greatness and we see your contradiction. Which one do you wish to be?

How to assess your level of spiritual contradiction.

Check out these 11 questions and answer them truthfully…

  1. Do you say you know about abundance and then use money as an excuse – you know can’t afford it though you want it. Can’t justify the spend etc…?
  2. Do you talk about ‘being’ and spend your whole life doing because unless you work hard nothing will change?
  3. You say you are intuitive and you still struggle in many areas of life and get confused about what to do?
  4. Do you talk about energy and never sit in meditation silently?
  5. Do you believe in abundance and expect it for free?
  6. Do you know about creating your own reality and yet you have a list as long as the Magna Carta (or smaller of course) on who to blame for things in your life, past and current?
  7. Do you stop listening to webinars etc. as soon as the ‘sale’ part kicks in, I mean how dare someone try and make you an offer and share their service?
  8. You believe in your Soul and listen to your gut instead?
  9. Do you believe in abundance and give it away for free?
  10. You have a hunger for knowledge that you never have time to apply in your life?
  11. Do you want to stop struggling and yet you won’t allow support in?

If you have answered truthfully and found a YES to one or more of the questions then there is a contradiction energy within you. Now before you melt down, stop and congratulate yourself for your honesty. It takes courage to be honest with oneself.

Now consider if there is only one YES or all 10 the fact is this contradiction energy will be present in more areas than the situations I have described above.

Question you may like to ask yourself is what do you wish to do about it?

Spiritual contradiction appears when you know something and act out of alignment with it so why not take this chance to do something. If you knew you were going to burn your dinner if you left it cooking and went out, you would choose to not do it? And in this case if you are letting your spiritual and personal magnificence be hidden because of fear, a hidden pattern or mindset, if you know this then would you not say it is time to do something about it?

Would love to hear what you think and feel about this topic? Where does spiritual contradiction show up in your life?

Are you willing to take action to change spiritual contradiction in your life today?

Why not leave me a comment and start a conversation.

Sarupa Shah

PS If you want to talk about claiming your spiritual and personal magnificence, then let’s talk – click here to arrange something!


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