Archetype Business Mentoring

Does the idea of business coaching, hearing the same old talk on funnels, and how to list build and market make you feel unsatisfied, bored and lost?

Are you looking for your business reach to expand in a way that honours your purpose and untethers your magic and message into the world so you are in a new paradigm of serving and experiencing a new level of value?

Do you ever feel like you are on a treadmill, moving but not really arriving anywhere and playing out the same old patterns, the same old emotions and thoughts and your motivation just dips in and out no matter what you do, no matter how positive you are nothing seems to shift this...?

Does money escape you, do you live in the hope of abundance or are you really living and being the abundance where you always have enough money for everything?

If you have answered yes & recognised yourself in any of the questions above, then your Archetypes are not working harmoniously together and you have 3 mentoring options below.

Archetype Business Mentoring takes business coaching to a universal consciousness. Using your energy map and the strengths and gifts of your 4 Archetypes; 4 aspects of self - your unique Spiritual Strategy for business as your vehicle to serve from is claimed & created. Working with your Archetypes isn't about following Business templates, or following in the footsteps of Internet Marketers who tell you your business has to look and behave a certain way. Your Archetypes, when they collaborate provide you with your divine blueprint for business. Leading you to know who you are, why you are and what your true purpose is and how you can receive your true value as you serve joyously and effortlessly.

Through systematic energy work and practical work, all 3 Archetype Business Mentoring options will help you to identify your own resistance and empower you to understand what is underneath it and what simple actions you can take to resolve what stops you being the you you were born with the potential to be.  

If you aren't sure which mentoring option is for you, then please contact me for a chat to discover which  will support you from where you are to create your Soulful Transformation and shift that empowers you and your business while increasing your capacity to serve and be a leader in the world. 

Meet Your Archetypes - Know Yourself Mentoring

This is where you will meet your Archetypes and understand more about you and more about how you can be more. You will build a picture of your strengths, your gifts and your blind spots will become clearer as you take the steps to birth your blueprint for business. Through Meeting Your Archetypes you address what you fear, and what makes you stuck as that is what leads you to step out of alignment. 

This is 8-part weekly mentoring (30 minutes) is a powerful introduction to the whole you and will increase your sense of self and provide you with clarity about how much more you could be and how you can take that into your business.

Meet Your Archetypes - Know Yourself Mentoring costs £2497 (plus VAT is applicable) and is only payable in full. We are currently open for Heart Centered and Spiritual business owners who are looking to put their Heart & Soul at the center of their business and ready to birth their new chapter into the world.

Archetype Adventure - Claiming Your True Value

This is a fast track mentoring package which explores your business through the collaboration of your Archetypes. When your Archetypes work together that is what truly ignites your business blueprint and journey of service. Through exploring your hidden mindsets, patterns and resistance you will create Spiritual Strategies that give you a new business flow and movement. You will work on developing your new energy signature and way of being - as a leader and expert in your field of service, which is about birthing your new way. Changing what you do, how you do it and why you do it.

In understanding ans shifting your value from a spiritual perspective you will have a new foundation to work from and an understanding of how you manifest and share your Soul value in the world.

This is a 13 session mentoring (1 hour sessions every 2 weeks) is deep and powerful and will take you to depths you will have never allowed yourself to go previously. You will excavate for your Gold while transmuting old karmic patterns, in particular around money and business which will free you up to serve and receive and share your true value. This is how you claim the real you. Many of you feel at this crossroads, what was isn't working and this is about creating your new way in the new energy.

Archetype Adventure - Claiming Your True Value costs £6000 plus VAT and to secure your place and to get started, a £2000 plus VAT non-refundable deposit is payable, followed by 4 monthly payments of £1000 plus VAT.  This mentoring is available now for those who are ready to be shine and be seen and weave their Spiritual growth and business together as a vehicle for their success and service.

(Please note it is possible to join this mentoring with no prior knowledge of working with your Archetypes - please contact to discuss in advance)

Archetype Purpose & Service Mentoring

This 15 part mentoring session, we meet every 3 weeks for 1 hour 15 minutes and you will be on an intensive journey where you transmute and transform what holds you back, what doesn’t serve you and get to create the real magic of you. Working with your Archetypes bringing them into a new level of cooperation will reveal what gifts & magic you hide and which gifts you are here to nurture and grow in this life.

Working on 3 Soul level projects in your business, you will work with your Archetypes, uncover and understand how they have frozen or immobilised your success and create powerful spiritual strategies for effortless movement into success. Your focus in this mentoring will be on your inner connections and knowing as well as truly creating a Heart Centered and magnetic business which calls in and attracts those you are here to serve, with an emphasis on fulfilling and living your Soul Purpose.

Limiting beliefs will be transformed, alignment to Spirit and your Soul created and your bigger vision grounded and supported by the gifts and strengths of your four Archetypes. With alignment comes balance, harmony and peace. 

The Archetype Purpose & Service Mentoring is best suited for those who are ready to commit to their purpose whole heartedly and without excuses. You will be ready to be challenged to be all that you can be and leave your old stories and energy behind. When you go full out with the Archetypes and transforming your business, you cannot hide from any part of yourself as anything unresolved will come up, so be prepared to raise your vibration and align to the bigger reason you are here in the world right now!

This mentoring package comes with a one-day intensive which initiates this mentoring and locations are global and may involve you travelling too.

This mentoring package costs £11,000 (plus VAT if applicable) and to get registered you will need to pay a deposit of £3000 plus VAT followed by 4 monthly payments of £2000 plus VAT. This is a very unique and special mentoring package and will- by invitation only - and to discuss this please contact me to set up a time to talk here.

(Please note if you haven't met your Archetypes it is not possible to choose this mentoring package, the nature and depth requires as a minimum that you have completed the Meet Your Archetypes - Know Yourself mentoring.)