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Recently I have been reading in several locations and hearing people say there are no such things as Money Blocks. Now I get why they are saying it. It is purely from a marketing perspective as they want to appear with some secret sauce that at the same time lets you off the hook. As if you have no money blocks you ain’t gotta do the inner work and then it is nothing to do with you and everything outside of you. Which for the commentators I been reading and listening to out of sheer curiosity and no doubt divinely put in front of me as none of them are people I follow  – it is like they just landed on my social media stream from nowhere…is all about how you don’t know enough about business. In particular you need to know their business system which has been distilled into templates for you to purchase and follow.


Now, here’s the however money blocks are illusions so they aren’t real as in fact based. But that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

They are given the appearance of being real by the fear, belief, conditions etc. we, each of has about money.  It is stuck in energy. It is influencing unconsciously and consciously all decisions so it needs to be addressed and replaced with alignment to unconditional abundance. Sometimes that is as easy and it pops into place and sometimes it takes a bit more to get underneath the ‘knottyness’ of a money block we have lived by (and preserved like it was the most valuable asset ever!)

Not all money blocks are glaringly obvious. We are far more clever and sophisticated, some of us even have life times of carrying the same limited money story. Of course that makes us an expert and hoarding the block and living by it. Though it isn’t the most useful expertise – unless you become a Money Healer.

It’s often in the subtleness of energy that I can see there is a block. (And money block is and includes fear, conditions, stories, doubts, uncertainties  – it is the umbrella term for everything except an excuse!)

Recently on a 9-Day Money Affirmation Challenge I hosted on my Facebook group. One of the participants said that when she had less money she had more fun and now she has more money than before, it is less fun. She stated that as a fact and as an irritation to her lack of fun. 

What she was irritated about was not having fun as she had made her condition about money being burdensome and not fun. It was too much responsibility and that wasn’t fun so she stopped having fun to prove it as true. And then she could creep back into her money drama lifestyle.  Then she had her perfect ‘excuse’ to not fulfil her soul purpose and true desire, as she was too busy dealing with her money drama.

Her money blocks were covering her money excuse. Always the case.

Sneaky – huh? I think so! And her ‘ointment’ was to go have fun. Will she – well that is up to her as like so many the addiction to preserving the status quo of money block(s) has become so entrenched that it takes pure discipline to break the habit. Which when you do is easy, but you gotta wanna do it first!

This is why money healing is magic! When you read the energy you see it all  – on a mindset level that would have been missed and incomplete!

The ‘excuse’ is the seeds – the life force of what shoots out as many blocks as possible and they are dressed as fears that evidence is found for as real, doubts, uncertainties etc.

So what do you do about money blocks you are aware of?

I have purposefully said the money blocks you are aware of as we have some that we refuse to even entertain as existing or simply aren’t ready to see for ourselves. Some say they have no money blocks and genuinely mean it.  And this seems more so in the Heart Centered and Spiritual Entrepreneur community as the undercurrent is – I must be a total failure and totally unloved by Spirit/Universe so better pretend that I have no money blocks and that having no money is part of a spiritual journey. Everything is ‘tickety boo’ even though I am earning nothing and can’t change that energy. This isn’t about posting on social media what a financial mess you feel or are in – this is about being vulnerable enough to get the right support in – even when it appears that the funds aren’t there as they won’t be there when you believe more than anything you have nothing.

Here are 2 questions to help you start the process of changing your money blocks – the one that you have hit upon and are willing to see even if it is only partially see!

  1. What if ‘this’ wasn’t true in this moment, what would you allow yourself to do? Go do that.
  2. Is this money block more important to hold onto than fulfilling my Soul Purpose?

The answer to no.1 is always about the energy changer, not the material size necessarily and you may have to answer these questions daily while the money block has a grip of you and while you are hell bent on figuring it out all alone and doing all you can to spend money.

And that’s the thing – whatever the story, whatever the excuse – the thing an unhealthy money story does is do all it can to avoid spending money on what is exactly in alignment with their Soul path. In the end you go so off path because you made money the carrot, even though you said it didn’t matter. Money mattered more than anything, more than your Soul Purpose even.

Share this post and share in the comments how the answers to the 2 questions have gone for you!

Sarupa Shah


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