An exercise to create financial freedom

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It seems the perquisite for money expertise is having money or not having it. Weird, right? Yet I have clothes that doesn’t make me a fashion expert or designer, or even clothing store!!!

When I read a blog post recently from one of those *new* woke up in the morning money experts, when I read that they were describing financial freedom as ‘live within’ and ‘under your means’, I felt sad for all concerned… 

… it’s great advice if you never want to grow.

And if you only want to commit to staying where you are.

It stops you taking a risk for your dreams and ambitions by keeping you safe. Never did playing safe and not stepping beyond where you are to where you could be change anything. It becomes self-diminishing as you become so obsessed with safety, it can feel you move backwards. 

What is financial freedom?

To answer this question requires esoteric consideration so you move beyond what is, to what could be. Whether you feel rich or poor; financial freedom however you define it, is an aspiration and not a preservation of your status quo.

If you don’t have aspirations where you do you have to travel to?  How can you bring change? Living within your means can appear as the most sage advice ever, however how can you be sure you haven’t become stuck in I can’t and a rut of this is IT? This is my lot?

That is the challenge. If you look at those who inspire you, or the people you follow who you see are rocking their industries, they didn’t do it within their means. They took a punt here and there, a risk…which isn’t reckless as risk is about courage. It is about intent, purpose and commitment and a ‘will’ to go for it.

This is where it becomes ‘scary’ for people and they seek comfort in the advice of those who don’t challenge them to step into ‘more.’ They prefer the reflection of those who say I know it is so tough for you, there there you better to stay safe where you are and not rock your financial boat. They pacify you to forget abundance and lead you to believe making-do is easier. Though in my experience making-do costs far more in so many ways as you sacrifice your purpose and potential commitment to following your Soul Path…you reject it as you believe the money you see or don’t see is the deciding factor for all decisions.

An exercise for your financial freedom…

Here’s a little exercise for you to do…it may trigger you. Money stuff does that to people as the logical and frustrated mind wants to scream and shout and say how dare you dream. How dare you believe in more, look at what is and it gives you a downward spiral story. It tells you that money work is pointless and wrong, making you fear you are greedy as some people in the world are worse off than you so you better stay happy with your lot, even when you feel frustrated by your relationship with abundance. It tells you a story that stops your financial freedom.

If you are willing to let that ‘grumble’ not define you, then you will love this exercise:

  1. What would financial freedom enable for you? Write in your journal what it would enable you to do, achieve, create, etc. It’s important that you don’t ‘cheat’ here and chuck in things you are doing already.
  2. What would financial freedom feel like to you? This is where you tap into feelings, not mind-sets, proper feeling words and let your emotional body tune in into financial freedom.

Once you have answered these two questions, and it may take more than 2 minutes if you allow yourself to flow into the exercise, pick one enabling action and one feeling and go be them and do them.

For e.g. you may have said financial freedom would enable you to, book a holiday, buy a new handbag, pay for a course/coaching, invest in savings etc. and your feelings may be, strong, powerful, excited, adventurous and so on.

If you then were to pick handbag and powerful – you go get yourself that handbag and allow yourself to feel powerful and in being powerful, you do as ‘powerful you’ would.

Repeat this exercise weekly or monthly and play with stepping into financial freedom without creating a ‘mind definition’ of what it is. 

Defining Financial Freedom can come later. 

If you were to start with the definition in my experience of working with clients to heal their money story, it becomes a rabbit hole for your mind and her limitations.  

Financial freedom is a feeling you allow and act upon. It isn’t logical as freedom has no single definition, just space to create joyful form.

Let me know in the comments your perspective on financial freedom and how the exercise went for you.

If you want to do money work, the spiritual way check out my Heal Your Money Patterns Programme which has been successfully changing money stories since 2011 and showing people how the keys to abundance are within and abundance requires abundance.

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