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This is the 3rd in my series on Soulful Sales Pages. Having shared the pitfalls of following templates and formulas, and why letting them ‘lead’ you damages your true message. And let’s be honest, how can you magnetise your copy or message when you are being told that you have to share it to some template? That is going to knock your confidence and make you embellish your message to fit a style created by online marketers to sell their own services, Clever really!

Now as this final piece in this series it’s time for me to share some energy work with you. That is where the magic really happens!

In the meditation to below, your opportunity is to magnetise your copy & message. It’s best used when you are ready to create a product or service and are following the 11 Tips to Create a Soulful Sales Page – the energy strategy, you can check that out here.

This Magentise Your Copy & Message meditation sits outside of those steps for me, however you can use it as steps 5 or 6…playing with the energy empowers you so find a rhythm that works for you.

If you want to purchase the meditation as a download so you can keep it for ever and use it without returning to this page, then click here.

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Your Spiritual Message; your purpose isn’t about instilling fear in others like the online sales gurus tell you. It happens even in the women’s so called goddess style of businesses, just this week I read a woman tell other women she has built her business on magic as she no longer emails her list or does marketing…! Not the first time this woman has made that claim in response to being asked how she gets clients. It was an outright untruth as she did a series of Facebook lives in a private group to fill her latest programme. Her ‘use’ of the word magic was to instill fear in others that she has something they don’t – so they better get it off her. It’s subtle, yet real. Deliberate, who can say…! 

Your message is your magic, and when you share in alignment with energy and not an enforced template, you become the magic for those you are here to serve. This shift is necessary and Heart Centered and Spiritual Business owners – this is the shift to make!

Enjoy the meditation and let your Soul’s message be told and shared magically with those you are here to serve.

Sarupa Shah

Magentise your Copy & Message Meditation

Press play – be sure you have about 15 minutes where you won’t be disturbed and remember to purchase this meditation for download you can do so by clicking here.


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