A Heart Centered Exercise In Finding Your Ideal Client!

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This is the second in the series about falling in love with sales. You will want to have done the exercise in the first article before you get into this one and you can check it out here. In this article we are looking who you do what you do for, AKA ideal client work.

Now most of my clients ever, have found nailing who they do it for so difficult. Most have wanted to resist nailing this. 

Why make knowing your ideal client such hard work?

The idea of refining it down made some of the feel like they would be narrowing their audience; making it too small for them to succeed. That is a lack mentality and then they say they are for everyone – in fact argue why they are. We can’t ever be for everyone and there’s that saying of trying to be all things to everyone…it’s a recipe for being nothing to all. 

For some the resistance was because they weren’t grounded in what they were offering so the idea of who it was for was like a petal floating in the wind. You see it and then you see something else. This is why I suggest you look at the first article in the Fall In Love With Sales series from a few weeks ago. In that article I share an exercise where you can hone your why and what you do and even if you have been in business a while reviewing that is good as you don’t want your business and what you offer to stay static. Not only will you get bored and unmotivated, your business won’t reflect the you that you become with growth (of course if you don’t grow then that is a whole ‘nother story).

I am not going to dress it up for you in flowers and crystals. Truth is if you don’t allow yourself to move through your own resistance that tells you that you are here everyone and I can be everything to everyone, then your energy is to scattered and bloated and certainly not grounded in what you offer and do. It is what I have called a throw sticks in the air approach to business, as something will land and that will do!

NO! Don’t make do. Or relying on your catching sticks.

Instead manifest your purpose through your business and manifest YOUR ideal clients by identifying who it is you are serving! And more importantly that will allow you to step into abundance.

That is the piece people don’t see that business processes are part of the same energy contained within the Universe and they will either align you and support you in creating abundance or they won’t, depending on how you use them or not…!

So you have the WHY, let’s jump to the how to nail your ideal client!

In your journal here are some questions for you to explore. Take your time with them and revisit them over a few days to really cut the fluff and illusion out.

Who are you serving – men or women – nailing this isn’t about being exclusive okay!
Why are you serving them? What is it that they get from what you offer (you can take one service or product and use that to drill down. If you don’t have a service or product ready then do this more generally.)
What are the characteristics of who you serve…? Age, interests and stuff like that and hopes and dreams, fears and challenges, desires and passion and where do they feel stuck and resistant in any area of life. You may not address any or all of their points of growth however painting your ideal client is you connecting to the energy of who you are here to serve!

As you explore these three questions and ‘hone’ in your ideal client (congratulations by the way) you are tapping into the abundance of what you offer as you hold a piece of the pie! None of us hold the pie!

If you want to take this a stage further, then you might be interested in my ideal client meditation which takes you on a journey to meet your ideal client who is the Soul representation of everyone you have the potential to serve and that relationship is very significant for your business, always. Check out the meditation here.

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