7 ways to stop recreating your limiting money story.

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I often get asked why people start to feel that they are going backwards with their money story. There is this feeling that financial limitations that had been ‘overcome’ and a new financial chapter based on prosperity was manifesting. And it completely appears to have undone. Comparable to someone pulling a loose thread and pulling it till it is back to a muddle of wool!

Let’s clear up something…

Energy doesn’t travel backwards

That is the myth. There is a need to believe that this is happening due to something external and mysterious making it happen. And when this myth gets busted; the self-blame, self-judgment and other self-sabotaging buttons get pressed. They need to resolving even if that means you go cold turkey to stop beating yourself up and do something kinder instead.

7 ways to stop recreating your limiting money story.

This presumes you have done some money work. Reading a book or even a blog post like this isn’t doing the work, unless like some of my posts there is an exercise attached to it and even then it is one exercise, not gainful and outcome focussed money healing.

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Here are 7 ways for you to not create your old money story after doing money healing work. This is a cut down version of I share with all my money healing clients.

1. Don’t give up the daily practices that have worked for you and that you learned. D’oh.
2. Complacency and a sense of I have made it is a money limitation. Sits with #1 above. One *new* sale or significant money breakthrough is precisely only that. So stop with the nothing left to grow into and now must be the richest person in the solar system? (We are all the richest people – ponder that.)
3. Be aware after raising your awareness and growth, you will test yourself. In this case you will find you face a money dilemma, challenge or fear. That is what makes that I am going backwards feeling come back. And that is when I would suggest you tilt your head as you look at yourself in the mirror. Smile. Wink. And remind yourself you got this and go back to your *NEW* patterns and habits. Be disciplined, like a money monk.
4. Comfort zone has shrunk and then what happens is it expands as your growth becomes your new normal. Carry on with your expansion and stick to your plan. When people do Money Healing work with me there is a plan they create. When they don’t follow it or or ignore it, that is an energetic unravelling.
5. Never stop investing in your growth. Do you need that explaining?
6. Accept that sometimes you will revert to old ways and that doesn’t mean you have undone progress. When you become aware of this, you choose carry on the path of money is so hard and everything is a struggle and I have ruined everything … OR get back on the path you had stepped on to and travel that one. if you choose the latter re-read points 1-5 again!
7. This is a favourite of mine. Decide, either see everything as an opportunity to grow your light and service. Or you decide (and not deciding and letting this be the default IS a decision) as a defeat as confirming your worst fears about yourself and your future.

When you step forward you have moved, the illusion and the picking up of old habits makes it seem that you are travelling backwards and have undone everything. There is a point when you stay so stuck in that it can be a bit of a feat to get back on track, however you don’t have to let it get to that point. If you are mindful of my 7 ways above and aware of what you can do to keep your money momentum. You will.

Let me know how this post has assisted you and what else you may add, or if you have any questions or thoughts on this topic in the comments below. And so share this post too.

Final words – focus on going forward means doing the work to not take the old habits and patterns with you! That’s where the magic happens!

Sarupa Shah


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