7 tips to create powerful affirmations.

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If you have been following this blog you will know I have an unhindered passion for affirmations. Magic wands, as I like to call them.

Still however it seems that affirmations are not only misunderstood, they are also underutilised.7 tips for powerful affirmations

Who doesn’t want a magic wand that helps them move through struggle and manifest their hearts desire?

I know I do which is why I use affirmations and recommend them to all my clients.

The greatest challenge people find is in how to create powerful affirmations and I have decided to use this blog post to help you either get started or reenergise you with how to make your affirmations powerful.

7 Tips to create powerful affirmations

  1. Get clear on what you want the affirmation to achieve. You may want an X figure business, Y number of clients and a certain lifestyle. You can have what you want. Then the magic is in choosing one aspect of it however. People tend to create an all-encompassing affirmation that ends up being so clumsy and long that it never really resonates and therefore it doesn’t get used. *Remember step forward in one area and that energy filters into every area of your life!*
  2. Keep your affirmation short and simple, using words that mean something to you because they are your words. I like to feel a rhythm in my affirmations a flow that fits me and my energy.
  3. Try out your affirmations and never more than 12 at any one time (even though every action, thought, belief, pattern and habit is an affirmation that directs your energy and lets the universe bring you just that) – try them for about 2-3 days and make adjustments and then let them stick. Continuous tampering before the affirmation has been integrated as a way of being or the desired outcome achieved is simply a signal to the universe that you don’t believe it possible.
  4. At the same time as creating affirmations start to do inner work to root out patterns, beliefs and habits that shape your action on default to hinder the potential impact of your affirmations. Affirmations are the words and imagine patterns, beliefs and habits as the power pack for your magic wands.
  5. Any affirmation can only be powerful if you use it. Using your affirmations deliberately, consciously and purposefully. You can’t do anything by osmosis, well not just yet.
  6. Finally support your affirmations by taking action as if you are planning their success or acting as if they have done their magic. Waiting for proof or certainty from the universe is not only so old hat, it is a sure fire way to let the universe know that you aren’t sure you can make it so, will make it so and then it takes you back to point 4.
  7. Lighten up, have fun and trust because if you don’t and make it all so serious and everything is a panic, then you gonna fall out of kilter with the universe where all is always well and instead of stepping into power you will be stepping into control, fear and yes all of that adverse stuff will be really what is being called in by your affirmations.

How have these steps impacted on you and your relationship with affirmations?

What else would you add?

Why not share a comment below and also add your experience with affirmations and your insights and wisdom as well as any questions if you have any.

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