The 6 most common ‘mistakes’ when it comes to making vision boards…

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It appears to many Vision Boards are just a sticking down of pictures and words on paper. There is this idea that pushes everyone automatically to expert and indeed it could be said we are all experts at sticking down things on a bit of paper. Now you are your own guru, whatever that means however being your own guru doesn’t mean you’re exclude you from learning, right?

In this article I am sharing 6 common mistakes people make when creating their Vision Board which impacts on how they manifest and how they may over indulge their emotional and mental body! 

I have been teaching about manifestation and Vision Boards for several years over the years I have seen the same issues’ and challenges. The exciting news is there is a way to create Vision Boards that creates results. It isn’t difficult or spiritually complex, however, there is a process and it is fun to learn. Once you learn it you can’t unlearn it!

What to avoid when creating your Vision Board.

  1. No preparation. In my last article on this topic, I shared 4 steps and step 1 was all about getting the ‘idea’ or vision clear and anchored. If you don’t do that your Vision Board will be like a wish list and a chuck a few ideas around and see which one lands.
  2. Take days and days to create a Vision Board. When you take time in between it becomes too easy for your head and emotions to step in and put in seeds of doubt, great ideas that are nothing to do with your true purpose, and to steer you away from your Soul. This happens unconsciously and consciously. Over the years I have had people tell me it is a work in progresslike a piece of art and the thing is it is an art just the art of manifesting not about creating the most WOW Vision Board. Give yourself a few hours and do it in one sitting.
  3. Do it all online. Maybe it was Pinterest that spread this rumour, however when that first landed people said it was their vision board? It wasn’t and any other online software however funky is not where Vision Boards are best created. The action of physical, cutting or ripping images out and gluing them is more than about getting messy, it is about your physical energy moving and you anchoring and grounding your vision. Then take it online; photograph it so it is on your phone, I have even printed mine out in a credit card size and carried it in my wallet. Never tried to pay for groceries with it! There is a distinction in energy to doing it online and it misses a necessary step.
  4. Too many words. We are so thinking oriented and about the word. Too many words trigger and activate the mind and keep that part of you satiated, and it doesn’t make room for the Soul. A Vision in its true sense is an image, a picture!
  5. Make it too literal. I have talked about this before and we have The Secret to thank for this. Wanting say a Porsche, so The Secret said find a picture of it and put on your Vision Board. The balance in a Vision Board is to not make it a wish list board of stuff against what represents where you are heading and what you are manifesting for yourself.
  6. Not knowing how to use it when it is complete!If you create a Vision Board, the process doesn’t stop once you stick down the final piece. And nor is it a passive thing, hoping walking past it will create a by Osmosis magic. Spend time with your Vision Board, meditate with it and allow yourself to enjoy it purposefully.

What is your experience of creating Vision Boards? Love them? Dislike them? Leave me a comment and share your experiences and tips too! Don’t forget to share this article with others too!

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