5 Top Heart Centered Business Success Trends for 2019

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The biggest Heart Centered and Spiritual Business Success trends for 2019 are IN!!! This is what the truly aspiring, committed and willing to be Heart Centered Business owner will be all over in 2019! 

If you haven’t already got on board with these trends yet, or have been of the belief that real deep Spirituality has been chucked away for mind-set or social media memes and flouncy spiritual words on a job title, or sales page – then you might want to sit up. Take note especially if you have that hunger and yearning for light…which is different to needing to be right.

Trend #1

Heart, Heart, Heart! The age of gut centric living is over. Well I say over, it is a choice. However you can’t say you are heart centered and then ask your gut to lead. In 2019 – gut centric energy, decisions and having your gut as your center of all things is well and truly out-dated. The new trend is Heart. It starts with a choice, then a decision and then the journey! All the great Heart Centered business owners are going to be in their heart and learning to deepen that experience. You heard this here first: Behind Every Great Decision There Is A Heart Making It!

Trend #2

P U R P O S E. This is going to no longer be about a job title, I mean have you seen the fancy schmancy titles people make for themselves. Purpose is going to stop being about what feeds the personality and is coming home to S O U L. Heart Centered Business owners, even aspiring ones are going to be set to expand their reach, their light, tame their egos and increase their impact, wealth and fun in life as they lighten up and journey to the light of their purpose. And here’s the outcome, and yes you heard it here first: The Heart Centered Business That Succeeds, Follows Its Soul. It Doesn’t Ask It’s Soul To Follow It’s Ideas Or Feelings First!

Trend #3

Spiritual Development is going to be the #1 business development tool of choice. Learning how create a business funnel is gonna be so 2018. Whereas 2019 is all about how to harness your light and potential and understanding how to weave your light and let that lead! (And for the record the light is neither masculine or feminine  – it simply is…) Exciting times and you heard it here first: The Light Workers Way To Doing Business = Consistent And Sustained Success!

Trend #4

Money is going to be a big driver in the healing world. The money mind-set bubble is set to burst in early 2019 with people left searching for real unhindered knowledge about abundance and how to heal their money stories and claim their Spiritual and Financial value. A great time to train as a money mentor as your work will be in high demand! You heard it here first: Money is going to be getting its Spiritual makeover!

Trend #5

There’s been an industry of late created to say enough isn’t enough and that enough is mediocre. 2019 is going to see the new trend bucking this as enough is always enough and therefore you can be enough and you will always be that and have that! Enough will be reclaimed as a Spiritual value by those on trend rather than an emotional state which wants to create an industry out of not enough, can’t be enough and enough isn’t enough! Remember this every day forever more: You are enough, you were born that way!

Which Heart Centered Business Success trend are you going to follow and which old school, fear and ego based trend are you going to drop as you step into 2019? Share in the comments!

Heart Centered Business Success doesn’t have to be *just* a dream!

2019 is gonna be one of those years that changes everything. Though let’s be honest every year has that potential, it is whether you align to the energy and go for it. Here’s to you going for it!

Sarupa Shah


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