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Now for some the term visualisation is going to cause inner sirens to go off, because (b) it is too woo woo a word and / or (c) they have told themselves that they can’t do it and therefore it isn’t relevant and then there is the (d) group who do it and can’t see results and carry on because it’s the thing, right?

(Now you may have spotted I missed the (a) group who are the ones who can make visualisation work and that is this what I want for you to be in – so do read on…!)

Visualisation, being able to picture, feel and conceptualise achieving something is neither a new thing nor an alien business (life) tool.

Now I am not going to suggest everyone every day sets aside 30 minutes to visualise what they want, because that would be wonderful, though not realistic for most.

And because even those who say they ‘get visualisation’ are mostly thinking and visualisation isn’t about thinking, it isn’t about the mental body or the emotional body at all it is about tapping into a different aspect  – the intuitive, the instinctive, the soul,  – the right brain stuff.

So if you sit there for 30 minutes essentially thinking and feeling, you might at the end of the 30 minutes feel like you have done something great and useful – yet it isn’t a powerful thing it was a pacifier that made you feel like you have done something so you can tick that box rather than change how your manifestation works.

This is the dilemma in using spiritual processes, the pressure to say you know how it all works and the inability to be open to learn how you can become proficient is why manifestation (marketing) isn’t working all the time for people who feel that they have a big vision for their soul purpose and the world.

So to help, today I am going to share some tips on how you can use visualisation as a manifestation AND marketing tool. Marketing and Manifestation are essential the same frequency, different sides of the same coin.


Get clear on what YOU are marketing, WHY, and the outcomes you want to achieve – so as an example if you are creating a one-day workshop, what is it called? How many people do you want to attend as a minimum (and that will link to your break-even and profit point – spirit and the universe and your soul do not ever encourage you to work at a loss or without creating a win:win – and if you believe that they do – then rest assured that is your ego taking you on a martyrdom route!)


Get clear on who you are ‘doing’ what you are doing for. Ideal client work is essential. Don’t fall into the trap of believing because it is a business process it must be unspiritual or masculine or some other nonsense, it is a very powerful manifesting tool as well as an excellent business process. I find so many heart centered and conscious business owners find this one of the most difficult things to ‘nail’ as they want to be all things to all people. That has a negative impact on your message and the energy you put out there, so spend time refining this and going into depth.


Linked to the example in #1 – have you got what you need in place, venue booked, not just earmarked, and other things like a sales page, the progamme for the day and so on…and even if it isn’t a workshop you wish to market and fill, there will still be aspects that you have to have in place. Don’t leave things up in the air holding back with your fingers crossed that what you are hoping to achieve will have proof of success before you take action is creating an energy of exactly what you don’t want to happen!


Decide how often you are going to visualise in a week. All well and good to say every day, however if you know you don’t and won’t then start off with the number of times that will challenge you to invest time, and commit just not so it will set you up to fail. That would be counterproductive and defeatist, so anything from 1-7 times a week, though I would say ‘1’ is a cop out!


Now you are ready to visualise. Remember it isn’t a head exercise, it is an energy exercise. If done correctly you will learn about your own resistance, be inspired to expand and you will see easy results. Recently I was hosting an event in Hong Kong and on the day I was flying from London to Hong Kong only 4 people had signed up for the talk. As I sat on the plane, I visualised having completed the steps above, and when I landed, although I was a bit of a space cadet having travelled and in a totally different time zone I carried on visualising and going about my day. I never sent out any marketing via email as I was out and about on that first day and then the next day was the talk – and by the time I was delivering the talk, 13 people had signed up. Visualisation made it easy to shift the energy and let those who were supposed to be at the talk step in to signing up. So pure service with ease and grace!

Bringing together spiritual and business processes is where the magic happens, this is where heart centered and conscious people have an affinity to operate from and to step into that (a) group – where you make an impact with your soul purpose because you claim it and live it powerfully. It requires growth and expansion. It requires training, practice, new understanding and an openness and willingness to step forward – walk the talk.

Don’t be the one who talks of spirituality and puts up with a life of struggle, nothing in the universe is about struggle or academic spirituality – learn to live it and enjoy it and be successful and visualisation will become part of your everyday living!

Isn’t it time you said YES to growth so you can serve more?

If you want to learn how to bring business and spiritual processes together and create your own magical as well as easy success, let’s have a chat about it and we can take it from there as I have a specific 121 programme that is structured and all about that for you!

Sarupa Shah


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