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I am an avid writer, have always been that way since I was in school. I still remember Monday morning was ‘creative writing’ and I loved it.

I used to spend so long conjuring up a story and characters. It was exciting and there was always a ‘message’ even back then.

As blogging has become the ‘thing’ – and I am always looking for best practice, my usual go-to-place is Sarah Arrow. There are others too who inspire and I love the mechanics and ‘tech’ behind constructing a blog post.

However from as far back as I can remember there have been writing practices which I have used and developed in collaboration with Spirit who ultimately I work with to share and grow my message and service.

I am sure you have done this, panicked that you haven’t written a blog post for a while and each time you sit to write something, you just can’t find inspiration. You even start to write and remember online marketing adages of ‘done is better than perfect’ kinda things. And even you are totally bored of what you have written. I know you aren’t exactly your own ideal client as that would just be a bit d’oh, however if you can’t even be bothered to read your own next sentence, then you can pretty much guess your ideal client won’t be inspired neither.

Walking a spiritual path, claiming spirituality isn’t about just here and not there. It is a 24:7 experience. It isn’t about compartments as that is where the struggle creeps back in. If you are a reader of this blog, you will know I talk about this a lot on the topic of money and the struggles so many have that they do not address soulfully, as all of a sudden spiritual practice doesn’t apply. The head rules that roost for most and stress is comfortable.

I have done a blogging challenge and forced myself to keep up a blogging regime to prove I was some extraordinaire blogger to myself and in the end I burned out. Which was brilliant as it got me back to the source of who I am and why do I do this. Doing anything for the sake of it or to prove your worth or expertise to yourself is so unheart-centered! And yet in a world of ‘mental and emotional’ logic it becomes the smoke and mirrors you can easily get sucked into and trapped by!!!

Of course blogging is a marketing tool, however it is also an opportunity for me to share my message with thousands who may never work with me and still need to hear the message. That was why I first started blogging. To share my message.

So let’s get to the energy musts for writing a blog post and you can see how to apply them to your writing!

  1. Have just mentioned this one,  – get into your why. Not the just the obvious business and material benefits of blogging, your Soul Why Of Blogging. How does it impact your service? How is it part of your service?
  2. Before you write align to your message! Whether you are doing it to a schedule or not, and that is for you to choose and decide, though I am a firm believer in if you haven’t exercised that blogging muscle go do a reputable blogging challenge. You can’t say you are a blogger just like you can’t say you are using your intuition when you aren’t doing it! Now you might be thinking, what the devil does she mean align to your message. As a Heart Centered Entrepreneur, align to your heart, do your connection and while you are doing that…
  3. Ask your intuition to share if this is the message for you to write…! Sometimes I don’t get an immediate response from my intuition for a variety of reasons so I start writing and if I get so bored I know it is a NO and if it flows like this one, the typing so fast that I wish I could dictaphone straight from my Soul, you know you are in service! 
  4. If writing isn’t flowing, walk away and do something else. I advocate something practical, so today before this one flowed through, I went and chopped the veggies for dinner. If you have to force it then you have made it a head and emotions exercise and there ain’t no Heart & Soul in that!
  5. Always say thank you to your Soul (& Spirit) for the collaboration as if you are a partnership in service, then taking sole credit is a bit ‘meh’.

Follow these 5 energy musts and see how your message expands, grows and of course attracts more of your ideal clients to you as well as readers for your blog!  When you stand in alignment others flow to you much easier. And forgetting the energy when that is what you say you stand for is a contradiction that is dimming your light after all.

Over to you…

Share this blog post and leave me a comment, what practices would you add to the 5 I have share above?

Sarupa Shah


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