5 affirmations to STOP in 2015!

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It’s the New Year and I am going to get straight to the point, yes Happy New Year of course. Here’s to your year being the best ever.

Right, back to business. We have a lot to experience in this New Year and it is time to shed those old patterns. Not time for resolutions…we have so moved beyond that. I want to talk affirmations with you today.

Everything you say and do, think and feel is an affirmation that creates a spark that ignites a creation and manifests in your life.

Beautiful when you read it, it always fills me with awe when I think of creation…!

Yet over the years I have created things which I wish I hadn’t and I am not talking here of things others have ‘done’ to harm me…because that is their responsibility not mine, contrary to naive spirituality that says you attracted it and made them do it…a big fat NO to that…I am talking about the 100% responsibility for my life and creation so even when others had done things and they do…what did I do, think, feel or say next is what I created.

Looking back over the last few years, I remember clearly times when I slipped into victim, defender, rescuer, mother … and so much more that wasn’t serving me to share my true potential with the world. And I remember slipping into victim energy, drama, emotions and everything that kept me trapped exactly where I didn’t want to be and feeling helpless. It was really annoying and strangely addictive even though life wasn’t always this way I slipped into a stream where this was fast becoming my new normal, until I stopped and created a new foundation based on everything I already knew and wasn’t applying in my life.

You see I have always been a brilliant manifester. It is part of my gift set and it has taken me a bloomin’ long time to accept this and own it and now I am wearing it in its full beauty and the best part is I am going to share everything I know with you because if I have a gift that I have accepted and received I can share it, up to you if you receive it or not. If I were you I would accept it because you will then become a wonderful manifestation expert.

Affirmations are key to manifesting and understanding what I am actually affirming has helped me to realise that even though I had my 10-11 deliberate affirmations they were being drowned into oblivion by the rest of my just living affirmations.affirmations

Most to all heart centered entrepreneurs “know” about affirmations. I am sure you are nodding and telling yourself of course I get affirmations…so my question is do they work for you, consistently and when they aren’t can you understand what is at play and how to shift the energy?

There is no point in knowing if you aren’t being and doing and getting the outcomes. Knowledge is like being a library  – full of facts yet only when knowledge is applied is it wisdom. (Know. Be. Do. ….remember?)

Applied in the case of affirmations is also about having the outcomes you desire, not just saying affirmations with blind faith and having no outcome or understanding of what was at play and what was impacting on what you wanted to create.

It’s not about being an affirmation robot or saying them to look good and be able to say, oh I have affirmations I use. Better to say I have affirmations and they are producing the results I desire, don’t you think?

I have written previously about why affirmations often don’t work and I know it is often the elephant in the room, people who experience this and don’t want to talk about it too much as it might expose them as someone who isn’t spiritual enough. (A thought that is an affirmation….!)

I also have a programme that gives the gives you the blueprint to unlock the affirmation code.

I also give away eBooks and have a book on Kindle all on this topic.

If you still find your life and business full of everything you would have said NO to…I mean you wouldn’t affirm and manifest a lack of clients, a lack of interest in your services and products, or more reasons why you can’t step forward, more loss of money and then the emotional drama’s attached to these type of situations…I mean who in their right mind and heart would affirm that …if you felt like you were, of course you would do something about it…you wouldn’t stay stuck now would you….then it might be a case of what you don’t realise you are affirming among many other things.

There are some powerful adverse affirmations that quite literally block out your light and become the most powerful affirmation and sadly they are the ones you would not want to manifest and yet you do.

It is 2015  – there is no real excuse to not understand about affirmations when you want to and when you pretend to as the resources are out there and if you aren’t acting to be more then you are acting to be less and stuck. When you say you ‘know all about affirmations….’ and don’t apply what you claim to know, it is more than a spiritual misdemeanour it is karma creating and read on to find out why….!

Here 5 affirmations for you to stop in 2015, do it immediately:

  1. I can’t – in saying that you are cutting the energy for possibility no matter what. The argument people have thrown at me is  – I can’t afford it  – I have no money – you don’t get it Sarupa. Firstly I do get it been there and got the T-Shirt. However given that you know you create your own reality why not create a reality you want, so I can’t isn’t going to be of any support to you, it is a hindrance. Instead say I am choosing not to, or I am formulating how to make this possible…even better. Can you imagine changing the destruction of I can’t to it might be possible and then letting that be the stepping stone to creation? When I catch myself saying or about to say I can’t…I bloomin’ well do and whether that is spending money, sharing my time with someone…I do it and it always works out perfectly. Of course there are things you don’t actually want to do, so you can say NO. Don’t create an excuse of I can’t at the moment, I can’t because I don’t have time, I can’t because I have no money…because that is your affirmation. D’oh!
  2. I am trying to make it work…trying? Really? You don’t believe it will work so you are only trying? Affirm that and that is all you get a very ‘trying’ time.
  3. I am working on that…like above, working on something isn’t being it  or doing it. If you are working on something you are affirming it is an issue, a challenge to resolve or overcome and that is what you get more of. Better to focus on what you want. e.g. if you are working on why you don’t have a steady flow of clients in your business and you say that you have affirmed it to be so and it will remain that way. Instead say I have a steady flow of clients, or an ever increasing flow of clients. Of course if you aren’t an affirmation veteran like me or are new to this or just one of the many who knows and doesn’t be or do, then you are going to think this is a little pedantic. Well adverse manifestation is more than pedantic, it is life changing and what I am sharing with you here it basic manifestation so you choose to accept it and play with it or debate it – however I am not engaging in a debate here, I want you to manifest your best life so let’s not get distracted.
  4. My intention is… an intention is as good as a resolution. A brilliant idea and sentiment however the origin of energy for the word ‘intention’ (bet you didn’t know words had an energy origin…well you know now!) is the emotional body. The belly. It isn’t anything to do with your soul, just your personality so while it is an essential part of you it isn’t the highest vibration. Emotions are ever changing, clue is in the word: motion. They are designed to be like a see saw until such time that you transcend living from the emotional body. They are conditional to so much, others, a thought, memories, even something you read can change your emotional stance. When something is born from that energy of course it also is changable – intentions may or may not happen, are conditional and oh look there is something shiny and more interesting and bang goes your intention. Of course like all the above you can keep affirming you intend (aim) to do something…and don’t know about you however I hear the big ol’ but…energy popping in, or you can start working with your soul who has no intentions, it has a whole different will and if you start manifesting with your soul, life becomes a whole lot easier. Check out this here.
  5. I don’t know/I know, I know, I know that…both together and appear opposite to each other however they are so similar I have paired them. When you keep telling yourself you don’t know…yes you are affirming that to be so. When you find yourself saying I know – say to your coach and therapist or to yourself as you read something like this article, what you are immediately saying is I know that and I have done nothing about it or I think I ought to know that and I would rather pretend I do to cut of the possibility of growth because: I know has a full stop after it. When it comes to ‘know’ you always know it is the given, however it is what you do with the knowing that makes the difference, or not as the case may be. If you do nothing when you know AKA have the knowledge and chose to not act wisely then you create a karmic situation for you.

Over to you  – are you willing to give up these affirmations or at least be mindful of when you are saying them so you can ‘un-say’ them?

There is so much more to manifestation, the energy of language and the art of conscious creation  and if you want to know more then this is where you need to look and join me as saying I know and still having the life and business that you wish was different, better, more prosperous and not doing anything about it is just affirming everything will do even though I wish it was different!

Sarupa Shah

PS do share this article and let others know that they can make affirmations work.


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