3 tips to make your money meditation work for you!

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You already love meditation or want to develop it as a practice – I already know that about you.

Meditation as a spiritual practice IS different to mindfulness practices, though complementary, both have a different purpose.

Meditation as a spiritual practice, is about becoming the bridge and stepping onto the bridge, between your everyday life; the world of matter and connecting to your Soul and beyond.

I recommend sitting, rather than lying down otherwise you may fall asleep and imagine that you went deep, which would be a yes except that ‘deep’ was resistance which made you sleep and you miss out on the energy work and kid yourself that you meditated!

If you don’t make time for meditation practice, or if you use your thoughts to create a meditation so it becomes a ‘glorified’ thinking time, or let yourself be disturbed, fall asleep, answer the phone, look to see who messaged you on social media, then you haven’t committed.

TIP ONE: How to commit to working with a money meditation…

Give up instant gratification and expectation. You are on your own journey.  Just because someone else had a HUGE shift from using the same meditation you are using, it doesn’t mean just because you haven’t, there is something wrong with you or the meditation. If you meditate while doubting it is working or whether it can make a difference, then you affirm that more than you are meditating, so more doubt will manifest!

Energy work is mostly unseen and your journey is unique.

Is your meditation and afterthought or do you build it into your day as practice?

Commit to using your money meditation over a 28-day period; a moon cycle, so significant. Decide how many times you will use it as a minimum every week.Minimum so when you use it more, it is a bonus. Not stretching yourself and saying you will only meditate once a week isn’t growth or commitment, ahem! And it isn’t about saying you will meditate 7 days a week either.  If you break a commitment to yourself, the universe sees and responds. It sees that you aren’t ready or committed to growth!

Important note:  If you are only available for spiritual development while your kids are at school and your husband at work and not at weekends, or holidays, or Friday evenings, then you aren’t 24/7. You are turning off your soul, or better put you are turning your back on your soul as you don’t believe in abundance or your soul as your doorway to anything! Something to ponder!

TIP TWO:  is your money meditation a pacifier?

After using your money meditation, if you then spend the rest of your day going reverting to old habits. Reaffirming how terrible your money story is and complaining to yourself and anyone who will listen that nothing is working and only take actions (or take no *new* action) that keep you feeling safe and trapped in the finance cycle you have been in; then your money meditation is a pacifier. Keeping you occupied.

I had a client who believed she was very committed to meditation.  She was committed to the idea of it and when she did sit, did being the operative word here she would sit for so long, like an hour. And like many heart centered spiritual entrepreneurs, her ‘pride’ said of course I know, well ought to as it is spirituality 101, how to meditate so don’t need to follow a guided meditation. So she used her time to think and exercise the muscle of her mind and made it super strong. Even when we got her to use guided meditations, she was so determined (a mind action!) to spend the rest of the day telling herself she was poor and she couldn’t make anything work and her business wasn’t working, which it wasn’t and that stopped her taking any aligned action. She was on a loop she was determined to stay in.

Put it another way, imagine you are a smoker, and want to give up. If you don’t smoke every day between 8am and 9am and chain smoke the rest of the day you are a smoker, and not someone who has given up!

TIP THREE: Journal but journal like a spiritual scientist!

After working with a money meditation make notes in your journal. No analysis, conclusions or interpretations. It isn’t about translating the experience through your mind or feelings to create a logical meaning. If you do that, then you lose your connection with the soul and undo the momentum you have built so far!

You don’t need me to tell you about the magic of the universe though I will and the magic of spirit. When you journal the facts of what occurred without a story or emotional charge, then the more you work with the meditation the more you will see a pattern emerging or even a message from your guidance emerging. Your soul and spirit don’t speak like we do or on demand as we have to be in the right frequency and get the bits that we are ready for and it can seem like your meditation journaling isn’t making sense and then  – it all pieces together. If you had interpreted it early in the process, you would have stopped your growth as there’s that thing called free will and choice. And at some point you have to decide either you know better than spirit and the energy or you are open to the journey and the magic it brings without knowing where it is heading, what it is leading to and why and when!

Over to you

Has this article inspired you to revisit or ‘up-level’ your money meditation (or meditation in general) practice?

What ahas did you have and do you have questions or anything you want to add, then do in the comments. Please share this post too and if you want to get yourself a money meditation to work with every month in 2019, then do check out my Money Business Spirit Members Club, if you are lucky the doors are still open for you. A bit of universe magic for you!

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