3 things you didn’t know about affirmations!

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I believe affirmations are magic wands. I also know not enough is known about affirmations and that they are underused as spiritual tools.

If you desire to make change in your life and business affirmations are a must in my opinion. In fact I often create an affirmation in the morning and something has manifest later that day. That isn’t because I am ‘lucky’ or ‘special’ – simply because I have learned to apply the knowledge! This is why I have created this video for you, I want to inspire you to use affirmations easily!

Do you want to learn how to make affirmations your magic wand?

In this video which is just over 8 minutes long, I share 3 things you probably didn’t know about affirmations. I also share what you can do to make your affirmations work more powerfully for your life and business!

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