3 Reasons You Aren’t Fulfilling Your Soul Purpose!

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As a heart centered and spiritual business owner, the term Soul Purpose is significant. It is an aspiration and for some a definition of their business. It’s also very topical and exciting too!

What is your Soul Purpose?

Your Soul Purpose is your Soul’s chosen journey. It is it’s potential and contract for this life. How you express your Soul Purpose is through everything or not

Reason #1 you aren’t living your Soul Purpose!

For some it has leaned towards: your heart centered business must be an expression of your Soul Purpose. And the business becomes the driving force. Seems like a small shift except energetically it is HUGE! It has changed the energy from Soul led to business led!

The shift means that the business is saying to the Soul – come on make this work…rather than the Soul saying this is how the business can express in alignment with your Soul Purpose!

And in any case, being in business isn’t a prerequisite for fulfilling your Soul Purpose, it may be chosen and your Soul may even ‘know’ business, being an author or healer, therapist or coach is going to be fruitful however it isn’t fixed on the doing. 

Your Soul is part of your being and its expression is always centered around ‘being’.

Your need to put it into a doing energy and a labelled glorious title is feeding your personality as then even success becomes about metrics and measures of things like how many likes, how many follows and etc.

Now nothing wrong with that however it is stopping your Soul Purpose leading your Business Success, as you have turned it on its head. You want your Business to lead your Soul and make your Soul give you success.

Of course the personality can get success, however it isn’t Soul Success. There is a difference.

More reasons who your Soul Purpose might as well be on Mars! 

2. You don’t listen to your Soul. Imagine having business partner that you only told what you wanted or what you were doing and you never listened to them? That is how it is for most people with their Soul. They are either asking or telling and making up the answers or not listening and certainly not having that ‘Soul Boardroom experience’ or even letting the Soul lead! (More a case of listen to me Soul.) This means it might be labelled intuitive however it is a thinking and feeling business. Intuition – heart centered is a journey not a label! And here is the clincher, if you don’t listen to your Soul, how will you ever understand or know your purpose

3. F E A R – I have written this with emphasis as this is huge. Fear of of just about anything and everything. The biggest fear being that I might be the only one without a Soul Purpose (and maybe not even a Soul) or my Soul Purpose is probably to struggle and be stuck. And then comes the additional twists of a fear of taking a risk, of abundance not being true, of being ridiculed for standing out, of being wrong, of making a mistake, of not being enough, of losing everything…and so much more as that is what could happen if you listen to your Soul and don’t let your mind and emotions veto and filter what they find acceptable. That is the fear – so what happens is that the gut gets stronger and replaces the heart wisdom by drowning it and taking over.

If you don’t move beyond your fear your Soul Purpose and its impact will be limited. Fear will despite your words of wisdom be in the energy of all you share and do. Andfear infects, grows and manipulates you with your personality in tow to stay off track while believing you are o track. It is a sneaky MOFO.

For me that was my driver to stop burying my head in the sand as transforming lives – aligning people to their Soul Plan and abundance is my passion and part of my purpose of ‘connection’. None of us is immune from fear just as we all have a Soul Purpose.

It’s about a choice – Soul Purpose driven business or fear driven business? No brainer you might say but when the fear is big the illusions and defence are stronger.

Your assignment!

  • For now I want you to ponder what are your fears about following your Soul?
  • What could be different if you did follow your Soul and stopped letting your fear control or stop you?

Let me know how you get on in the comments and if you have any questions, AHAs or wisdom to share!

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