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Are you like the majority of the population, looking for a magic wand to transform your life? Well I have to say I have that magic wand for you right here and it is: affirmations!

I want to show you how to make them your magic wand. Affirmations are tools for transformation that are playing out in your life whether you are consciously using them or not, which is more than often the case.

photo credit: carmen_seaby via photopin cc

photo credit: carmen_seaby via photopin cc

The absence of consciously being aware of what you are truly affirming for yourself in any given situation is one of the reasons why consciously used affirmations don’t appear to be giving you the desired results. Our unconscious and subconscious can often be in challenge to what we believe we are seeking to experience in life.

Here’s an example:

You know that being positive, increases you’re appeal to other people and in business it can help you get more clients as well as help you feel inspired and motivated to show up in your business more. When you are positive you are more enthusiastic as well as kinder to yourself. You also seem to attract and manifest more easily and you find solutions rather than problems. You have better relationships all round and money also flows easily. There is a power in being positive.

You may start your day with a positive affirmation or two; well you did on Monday morning. By 11am you have had a client not renew and another potential client you were talking to has gone AWOL, You start to tell yourself it’s you, you are doing something wrong and you spend the rest of the day attempting to figure out what is wrong with you. This usually means you tell yourself off for being useless, while remaining distracted by anything other than being in your business or at least focusing on the most powerful activity.

At the end of your working day you are tired and somewhere in you, you feel satisfied as the day is over and you kind of felt like you did something, even if it was to come up with another idea.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday pass by and you feel more entrenched in the struggle. You tell yourself it is the economy, no-one is spending. You tell yourself it’s you. It’s your partners fault. You empower your own dis-empowerment.

Then comes Friday, the last day of the traditional working week, a day you want to end on a good note. You remember your affirmation commitment and quickly remind yourself to say them. As you repeat them you feel cheated, annoyed and more than slightly disillusioned. They aren’t going to work. They haven’t so far and never have as far as you are concerned. You say them to prove your point and because you are scared as in case they do work you don’t want to not say them and how can you call yourself a heart centered entrepreneur when you are feeling so fractious about affirmations…?

It is okay if you recognise yourself through this example. No shame in that as we are all wanting to bring light and positivity to all our experiences and that is why I am writing this article. You may also recognise that most of the week, including Monday when enthusiasm for the affirmations was strongest, the rest of the time was actually spent affirming the complete opposite of what you wanted, which in this case is: positive thinking!

In an earlier article about affirmations I shared a guide to making affirmations work. If you haven’t read that article, then be sure to pop over and read it but you can carry on with this one first!

I want to add another reason here as to why affirmations don’t work here for you and that is as they are sometimes just not the right words or phrases for you. It’s a bit like being dressed in clothes that you would never wear, it just doesn’t feel right. Or having food on your plate that you have never eaten and have no desire to try, it’s just awkward and instinct is to do all you can to avoid the situation.

Having been working with affirmations for some time now, and teaching people how to create their own in a number of areas of life and business I want to share my top 3 (and personal) affirmations for positive thinking. Please feel free to use them as your own.

My affirmation prescription:

Be sure to use these daily, tell yourself they are your life’s spiritual antibiotic if you need to. It’s a 28 day course, preferably same time daily but if you forget just say them when you remember. Note however when it appears your life and business is dragging you back to the helplessness of struggle and doom and gloom as an emergency PRN (AKA as needed) come back to your positive thinking affirmations to undo the pattern that takes you to where you really wish you weren’t.

Focus on positive thinking deliberately and then being positive which will and does support your life and business will become easier and more effortless. That means you will also get the rewards that being positive brings with it. The not so positive energy that dominates simply shuts the door on good stuff, even though you may want to protest to that, the unconscious and subconscious is doing just that and will keep doing so until you direct it to align to your positive thinking desires.

Before you tell yourself but how, I have been trying this for ages…re-read my prescription, it really is that easy, no tricks or complex rules. Just become deliberate with your affirmations for positive thinking.

3 affirmations for positive thinking

  1. I am good enough just as I am  – stops you affirming you lack something or aren’t good enough as if that is what you affirm that is where you act from and as like attracts like you create experiences based on not being good enough. This is my personal favourite affirmation of all time.
  2. Everything is good in my lifeit is what you desire your life to be and it will make you feel good and therefore positive, so say it passionately and don’t let yourself believe anything else despite what illusions you plug into. Remember everything has a good reason including everything that happens for you.
  3. I radiate joy through all I do for me and others – positiveness is linked to happiness. Happiness is linked to joy. This affirmation reminds and connects you to the truth that you are joy personified and when you are radiating joy it is a positive energy.

You may believe you like one less than the other affirmations, but my challenge to you is you use them all as per the prescription.  When you know you have your daily practice in place then of course go ahead and change the words to be yours but for now these tried and tested positive thinking affirmations are your opportunity to get positive and transform your life and business.

Would love for you to share in the comments below something about your journey with affirmations and how you are going to use the 3 affirmations for positive thinking. Don’t be shy!

If you want to take a deep dive with your affirmation journey and really learn how to use this tool to change your life and transform your beliefs and patterns that keep you stuck check out my 21 day self study programme!

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