21 ways you block your financial abundance

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When it comes to financial abundance, creating your own reality understanding seems to go out of the window.
Money does something funny to people.
Money is seen as an external force, despite knowledge on abundance.  There’s a huge fear and stigma about money. Shame, guilt, misunderstanding and an idea that is has some power over you. It’s a real roller coaster of emotions for people and the Heart Centered and Spiritual Business community aren’t immune from this. In fact it is part of a  collective purpose to resolve the money stuff and most are still stood in fear and judgment of it and themselves. 
If you ever say you create your own reality, then you will know the theory mostly. You will accept it as true in selected areas of your life. Which is code for where you like what has been created and in any other area where that isn’t the case, people prefer to put the responsibility outside of them – blame, victim of circumstance and so on.
The truth is you do create your own reality. The tension with this concept occurs when external circumstances have impacted on your life. for e.g. when someone has hurt you being a great example. You didn’t create them and then the idea turns people inside out and some purists say what in you attracted that – 100% unhelpful.  That statement and line of questioning is all about blame – not understanding energy.
The reason people struggle with the Spiritual concept; you create your own reality, despite having it as a go-to Spiritual statement is that it is taken literally and harshly. It’s as if everything and everyone that doesn’t fill you with joy is somehow your fault, so it confuses people. Truth of the statement is that you create your own reality in the literal sense AND by how you respond or react to the life going on around you and impacting on you. It’s always about your choices that create the consequences…!
With this in mind, I have a list in no particular order of 21 ways you could be, (and for most it will be all 21 to varying degrees) blocking your financial abundance. Ways that you create a reality that isn’t financially abundant…if even one of the 21 rings true for you then you are blocking your abundance for sure. If you financially blocking abundance then it will be happening in all areas: creativity, relationships, health, business…which essentially is about finance. Everything is connected. You will also be limiting your Soul Purpose from flourishing as the Soul is about abundance and moving through the lower vibe hold of the emotional and mental body…hence why I always say do money work and change your life!

21 ways you block your financial abundance.

  1. Never do money healing work (might pretend you can do it yourself, you should know it or….)
  2. Argue with yourself about whether money is Spiritual/tell yourself you aren’t about the money – so you have your perfect get out of abundance card!
  3. Live in fear of money never coming or leaving you too quickly and never having enough to say you are wealthy and thriving.
  4. Believe money is only about mindset stuff (you are more Soul than mind even though your mind might tell your otherwise!)
  5. Don’t allow yourself to implement abundant knowledge so it’s theory not living.
  6. Don’t consult your intuition. Instead let your gut rule.
  7. Believe saying a money affirmation once is enough!
  8. Don’t show up in your business either to work in it or even on it.
  9. Copy others who are successful, believing doing what they do is a path to ‘should have success’, so you deny your true purpose!
  10. Addicted to worrying about money and anything else.
  11. Believe making money is hard.
  12. Don’t keep your financial commitments sacred.
  13. Let money make your decisions, so you’re hostage to it.
  14. People please as a habit and way of life.
  15. Avoid discomfort and uncomfortable feelings so you can’t resolve them.
  16. Believe there’s something wrong with you and hope you never get found out…fraud syndrome!
  17. Affirm that you don’t have enough and aren’t enough in more than just the words you use, also in your actions.
  18. Blame the economy.
  19. Blame your childhood.
  20. Can’t consistently call in the money you want or need. So that may mean you are in survival mode or can’t move beyond a financial ceiling.
  21. Under price and use the pluck it out of thin air pricing strategy

Having discovered how many of these sit true with you  – and if it is less than two – then you are a money expert extraordinaire and if your bank balance doesn’t show that or your worries about money match that, then look again and allow yourself to be vulnerable…question is what do you want to do about it?

Once you know how you create your own reality that create financial blocks to abundance, you have a choice create more of the same or create the transformation. (My professional advice is do the latter, hey!)

Share in comments how this ‘list’ impacted you and what your next steps are going to be.

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