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I just read ‘yet another’ blog post about next year  – 2018 – and planning and planning and planning…and it was so dull and uninspiringly basic it got me enthused to write, not carry on reading I have to say… !!!

This is the thing with all the New Year stuff, you can only leave behind what is completed energetically as it no longer needs addressing, and what hasn’t been addressed, or what has been avoided, or ignored, buried away etc will carry on moving with you.

The passage of time doesn’t automatically give you Spiritual Growth and Mastery and a business that is aligned to your Purpose…sorry to burst that bubble, however you know that even if you wished time and getting older meant wisdom by de facto!

And we all want to mark the ending of a year and the start of a new one, as the new one brings a new opportunity. A new adventure and new possibility of everything. And there is a way of empowering your journey into the New Year that enables you to shift into the new energy with some pizzazz as well as with acceptance. 

So here’s how to make 2018 a Soul-tastic (I made a word up – check me) and Spectacular year.

It takes a bit of honesty with self, vulnerability, some real raw truth telling. And no emotional holes or head up the proverbial either, somethings will have been great, some not so and some downright filed against with never want to remember again….2017 has been a power year and we have had to face ourselves pretty intensely if we have worked with the energy.

Here are my 5 tips to creating a phenom 2018 and a breaking free from the year in year out churned stuff that just sits to not really set the world on fire anymore  – we are in new energy  – we have different opportunities to wake up to our own service and magnificence so time to do things differently.

  1. Align to your Soul Purpose, and that isn’t code for what your head hopes it is. Spirit always remind me it isn’t a job title; your purpose, it is an energy of the piece that your Soul has chosen as your contribution in this life to the bigger picture of All That Is. If you are in doubt about what it is or want to find out more because you get snippets until your Soul knows you can handle more of her truth, and she has to get through the Head saying I know I know I know…then do something about it. It’s no point going into a New Year with the same old I am not doing anything different apart from write down how I hope the New Year is different story…as then you are taking the old ways into New Energy.
  2. See how you can ‘upgrade’ your spiritual practice. So you have probably been meditating for some time, maybe more honestly on and off and feel like yup I know this meditation thing…I know how to manifest, I know about intuition…I know I know I know. ‘I know’ is a great defence of, go away, I don’t need anything, don’t rock my boat…however without a spiritual practice upgrade (and in that I include a what you say you know and what you do and what you thought you knew upgrade too) nothing is going to be remarkably different. If the Universe’s secrets could be distilled into one book that happens to be on your shelf and that is it for evermore, then you have maybe misunderstood how the Universe works. It expands continually and the laws it operates by get revealed piece by piece to those willing to be students, not those who say I know…I learnt this year as one of my teachers in Spirit said you do say I know a lot…I was like yikes they were right…so openness to learn. A willingness to learn and to stop fighting the corner of I know it all – it is impossible and unbelievable.
  3. Do the energy work before making any plans for 2018. If you have already made your plans, then d’oh…no not really however go back and do the energy work. Listen to your Soul. Listen doesn’t mean oh quick let me jump with that one work I think my Soul gave me, it means listen to listen. And then learn and develop ways to do the energy work as that aligns you all over the place and makes the ‘doing’ part soooooooooooo much easier.
  4. Learn how to increase the love you have for you. Contrary to belief this isn’t about ‘self-care’ and the narrative that creates, this is primarily about ‘acceptance’ of self. We all do things we wish we didn’t, say things, and react at one end and we all get things wrong not on purpose, or feel like we have entered a sea of struggle and then the pattern for so many is to beat themselves up – metaphorically I mean. This weight of – aren’t I just so awful, not clever enough or whatever criticism is like a ball and chain being dragged around. Energetically it is so unappealing to others, so impacts on your ‘doing’ part of your Service and therefore finances too and doesn’t support you in moving forward. Love and acceptance are a journey not just an idea.
  5. Name one area you want growth in your Finances, Health, Business/Career and Relationships (in all four) and then go and seek the ways to make that happen. Caveat here is, if it is about another book, looking for another blog to read for inspiration, like this one (in the end it is about how to then take aligned action, not how much you fill yourself with knowledge so you can say I know …!) etc then you aren’t seeking growth, you are just trying to pacify yourself and find a short-cut that doesn’t make you feel challenged or uncomfortable. We all know spending money on growth can create a whole ocean of energy to come up for resolve and avoiding doing it, or believing you can find a way to never invest, is the same as trying to build a new house on top of the old one as you aren’t sure you want to get rid of the old one and are uncertain you can make the new one work. In the end they both topple, right?

Like you, I want 2018 to build on 2017 with new lessons and growth and more opportunity to share my service, the one I was born to share – so need to do things differently and hearing the same old stuff about planning, setting goals – is like yeah – been there, heard it…it’s time to get into the energy and alignment of what you can be…are you ready to do that?

Sarupa Shah

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