15 signs that your soul isn’t leading your business!

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I am always fascinated when people say honour your emotions rather than listen for your soul, especially when the people listening and telling are those who profess to be soul led business owners, often Heart Centered Business owners who aspire to have a soul business.soul quote

The script being pretty much; cry as much as you want to. Release anger, in fact tell those who angered you and let your emotions lead what you follow AKA create your flow. It is still how so many live, feeling their way through life rather than knowing their way and apply spiritual practice.

I disagree with this old paradigm approach and support an understanding that is about the energy and ‘story’ that your emotional body holds and how to release this energy so your emotional body can evolve and stop ‘vying’ for your attention at the expense of your soul. Feeling is indeed important and understanding what and why you feel and being able to change that feeling so it does’t master you as if it does then your intuition will always be closed.

Your soul is not your emotional body. Therefore your emotional body isn’t the highest vibrating part of you and while it has the potential to cooperate with your soul, it doesn’t just because you feel more. There is the errant mental body that has a role and often a battle with the emotional body and the soul tends to step back because it will as I have said before not get involved in the noise.

Now I am not saying emotions or the emotional body is a bad thing, however be honest what did you achieve when you last cried? The challenge around emotions is the higher status that they are given and the mistaken identity that how you feel is somehow the voice of your soul. Your feelings matter however not at the expense of your soul and in New Era energy soul focus is the invitation and opportunity. The old era was the domain of the emotional body and now the opportunity to transcend this and bring it to a higher vibration is possible.

Now I am not here to always make comfortable reading; we all know it is outside of our comfort zone that the magic happens, right?

I see it all the time with Heart Centered Business owners who use the rouse, the cover and the illusions of the emotional body with or without awareness and often in a manner which gives the emotional body precedent over the soul. Yes this may be unknowingly however we are in 2016, is it not time that you made a stand for your soul and raising your vibration and apply what you you know? So today I want to speak on behalf of the soul planes!

Below are 15 indicators that your emotional body is drowning the voice of your soul. Even if you can only identify with one, then you still have an opportunity to strengthen your soul connection and alignment. When you allow this to happen, you bring more light into what you do, fulfil your purpose more effortlessly, strengthen or hear for the first time even the voice of your intuition.

You do want to be soul led business, don’t you?

  1. Not showing up for clients or meetings because you didn’t feel like it.
  2. Being overly concerned with your positioning and strategically placing yourself with those you think make you feel and look good.
  3. Seeing everyone as a potential client, rather than a potential connection.
  4. Seeing yourself as the best, the expert or the saviour in your field.
  5. Measuring your worth by the size of your latest and biggest financial investment in some coaching or other mastery programme. High price programmes are brilliant it is just when you feel that your investment proves your worth and commitment you can be sure it is a coup for your emotional body more than your soul.
  6. Measuring others by the size of their lists!
  7. Similar to the 1st point and yet differently, breaking commitments to self because you didn’t feel the flow. Intuition that comes from the soul isn’t about feeling flow it is about knowing
  8. Being gut centred and calling yourself heart centered.
  9. Being unable to get the support you need from who you know will be best for fear of looking like a failure.
  10. Never meditating, or taking the time to invite your soul in.
  11. Believing in: no pain no gain, as if life is some in the trenches work out instead of a joyous and light hearted experience.
  12. Feeling ‘stuck’ and not knowing what to do to change this.
  13. Your business provides for your needs and not your wants.
  14. Continuously changing what you offer or do, one day this and one day that.
  15. Copy others, see how well others are doing and try and get your ‘piece’ of the pie, all part of the comparison and competitive energy!
  16. Being fearful about the things you actually desire to do, achieve, create and experience in your business. Service isn’t a fearful experience if it feels like that you can be sure your soul isn’t guiding you!

If this is making you uncomfortable, great because you now have a choice to do something about it and change your approach to business so it aligns to your soul and your business can become the vehicle for your soul’s purpose to be made real.

Remember your SOUL knows and always leads you to what you want.

And when it leads you to challenge it is because you are ready to grow and in partnership with your soul you will flourish, always. Not my rules the universe’s ones.

The thing to remember the soul planes are where to travel to purposefully and it doesn’t just happen because you label yourself. It is a conscious partnership.

What are your thoughts? Anything you would add to the list of emotional indicators for business?
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