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In my last article I wrote about the Soul of a Sales page and how it hasn’t been addressed (and can’t be) by the templates of online marketers. You can check that out here.

Just recently I was talking to a new client voiced her dislike of marketing and visibility. She believed she had a ‘fear’. I am fast coming to the conclusion this dislike or fear is largely a myth perpetuated and fed by online marketers who not only sell you the snake oil remedy (the template)  – they basically tell you that you can’t market so follow their formula and template instead. The contradiction creates the tension and the illusion that most of the Heart Centered Business and women’s online business owners community is suffering from some huge marketing and visibility deficit…! (And yes we can all learn to be better at marketing AKA manifesting and being seen  – I don’t doubt that, it is just these 1st base issues that following someone else and not YOU create – hence why choose who you go and learn from as if they say do it my way – they have made it about them and not you!)

In today’s article I want to get straight down to the heart and nitty gritty of creating a sales page with your energy and essence in it, so I have captured it for you below.

If you want to capture the Soul of Your Sales Page – here are my 11 steps for you to hear your Soul and connect to your audience through magnetizing them with your Soulful Sales Page!

  1. Throw away the template that one time business coach gave you and delete all the swipe files you were told to collect. Unless you are creating an interior design project, you don’t need a sales page mood board, okay…!
  2. When the time comes that you want to offer something and either the intuition and heart has spoken, or the enthusiasm has hit. The first thing to do is ground the idea through a meditative process. Don’t just start journaling about it, do the energy work first – that is in fact the mantra for any Heart Centered or Spiritual Business owner, energy work first.
  3. Then you can pick up your journal and in only 500 words, give or take write what you are offering, who it is for and why they will be awoken to want what you offer. The WWW of a sales page replaces the old school talk of benefits. Then you can write about how you will offer it, replacing the Internet Marketers features term!
  4. Walk away from it, at least 24 hours. By all means read it in that 24 hours without tinkering with it as you want it to percolate.
  5. After 24 hours, meditate. Go into your heart and ask to be shown what you have created and what steps could be missing and what steps are an illusion. Sit in waiting for your Soul to respond, rather than let your head or emotions give you their ideas. It may not be immediate, this is where you trust that even outside of the meditation your answers will come. If they come in your gut then you know your Soul isn’t responding so go again! Make notes in your journal of all you receive without trying to fit into what you want it to be…that is important!
  6. Now time to decide, if you haven’t already on the pricing, and the numbers you want to serve as a minimum and visualise this. Visualising at least 3 times, preferable over 3 days.
  7. It is time to put fingers to a keyboard, even if someone else creates your pages for you, type up what you are offering. First meditate and center yourself and call in your light and see it expand. Connect to the Soul of your ideal client community (I have a meditation for that here if you want one) Use what you put in your journal, and write what you are offering in a way that is your own style and language. Walk away from it for an hour and then go back and read it out loud in front of a mirror. Where you zone off is an indicator of the energy being off, so there’s your first clue to making your copy sparkle. Where you get confused is another. The act of reading out aloud means that you also are energetically walking through the experience your ideal client reading the page will have and you will be able to reorder text and add or remove bits as necessary.
  8. The next day, meditate again, start with visualising your service/programme being full of your amazing ideal clients who receive the transformation you are in service to bring them and then sit in your heart and ask your Soul to show you once again any steps or areas you have missed or added superfluously.
  9. Then re-read your copy, make any changes and send it off to whoever creates your pages or yourself…and start to make a list of people you know will be interested to hear about what you are doing first. Always check with your Intuition if it is right to have the people you do on your list.
  10. When the page comes back ready  – you may have added a picture or two, this is about simplicity as energy is what calls people in, not the illusion of long and fancy looking complicated sales pages – read it. Seeing it visually means you can check the rhythm and flow of the page. If the rhythm doesn’t flow, make the necessary amendments…and if you find you are getting anxious and almost taking it back to the traditional style of sales page – walk away and breathe! Then you are good to send it out to those you included from point 9.
  11. Your next step is to create your Soulful marketin plan and implement it. As well as to carry on holding the energy and let your service flourish, while being open to learning, growth and challenge as you become the you, you were born to be!

There you have it, then you will have a sales page that reflects you and your Soul’s journey and not one where you have to prove yourself to be able to fit into someone else’s style and approach.

And yes, sometimes the pages will be long, however with practice and while you do the energy work you will see that you won’t have to hide behind words as the energy will speak for itself as it does.

Are you going to adopt this ‘energy’ approach to sales pages? Want some assistant honing and refining your message and services, and want to do that while hearing from your Soul – then let’s talk about Archetype Business Mentoringconnect with me here.

In the final of this mini-series on creating soulful sales pages next week, I am going to be sharing a meditation ‘Magnetising Your Message’. Be sure to check back here in a week – or sign up to be part of the Soul Agency so you can be kept informed!

Sarupa Shah

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