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The talk of vibration and frequency has become as popular as marketing is in the business world.

Contrary to belief and clearly big wishes, raising your vibration isn’t a passive thing. Just lighting a candle alone doesn’t raise your vibration. It does help clear the energy in your environment. Fire can do that, as does aroma and crystals and so on, however just because you have a bookcase full of crystals it doesn’t say anything about your personal vibration. Sorry not sorry to shatter your illusion.

Imagine you are in a house full of crystals, have candles lit and listening to uplifting tones. It may well stir you and inspire you and for the sensitive to energy ones, it may even make you feel a bit woozy or expanded. You are under the influence of energy! If you don’t address energy within you that is ready for resolve and do the work, it is a very nice high you are sitting in that always has a comedown. It isn’t sustained change when external objects like crystals, candles, music, aroma, art and so on are used to create a high. While they can be beneficial however not at all necessary. Good news is without the addition of paraphernalia, you can raise your vibration as they don’t do it for you or on your behalf. And my 10 methods below will show you how!

Raising your vibration is about clearing out the ‘blocks’, ‘crap’ (technical word), ‘limitations’ and ‘karma’ that literally weigh your energy down and block the light. In a magnetic Universe to claim light, we must make space for it within our own energy and create a way of being to stop the light becoming shadow (another way of describing unresolved energy!).

Raising vibration is about the energy and light you are claiming and sustaining. That always requires you to resolve what ‘blocks’ your light! It is much more than feeling good so you won’t find that on the list below, however, feeling goos is the prerequisite for everything in life. 

Here are 10 ways to powerfully raise your vibration!!!

  1. Meditation & Visualisation – not the kind where you are thinking and going oh, that’s a nice idea, that’s a nice thought, wonder if that will be my next launch. That is just thinking.
  2. Resolving your money story – there is the greatest illusion around about money. Spiritual coaches who believe having a poverty consciousness cannot be changed until you have money so in effect you can’t do anything about your financial situation and money blocks. It is all twisted into knots. If you aren’t addressing money blocks, old patterns and habits your vibration is filled with the shadow of I can’t and I don’t believe I am good enough. Both of which lower your vibration.  
  3. Resolving Karma – we all have it and nope it isn’t proof of how bad you were in the last life, it is simply opportunities to enlighten and lessons of growth cycles to complete and yeah there may be the odd whatever thing that is being addressed. It is just karma isn’t bad it is just part of the ‘enlightenment equation’. 
  4. Toning – and in particular your Soul note, so it isn’t just any old sound or mantra. It is the sound of your Soul! 
  5. Accessing Intuition – not gut wisdom, sorry folks that is not your heart or Soul and if you are following your gut which you can by choice and free will, it is a different and lower frequency to your Soul so leading a gut centric life isn’t how to raise your vibration!
  6. Kindness without it being a weapon, or a surrender for approval or a sacrifice. Certainly smiling at others, doing for others, sharing with others, giving assistance are all good and can also equally have a lowering vibration outcome.
  7. Not taking things personally, yeah that person in the queue behind you may be rude to you, however, your reaction and your sense of indignation is a sign that you have taken it personally. Clue being in the word ‘personally’ that lowers your vibration. It doesn’t suggest however that you don’t respond, just that you don’t react.
  8. Aligned Action – now this isn’t a ‘fancy pants’ empty term only. Aligned action goes with action 5 and is about an economy of energy too. Alignment isn’t a demand or a given it is a practice, a profoundly powerful spiritual practice. Align first, then action. Simple.
  9. Self-love, and puh-leeeeeeeeease it has nothing to do with self-care. Even that term ‘self-care’, yuck! Having a massage or getting your nails done or having a shower and putting on clean pants and brushing your hair….all self-care and are of course important especially if you don’t ever do some of those essential ones. The overemphasis on self-care, as opposed to self-love, is because self-love isn’t natural for so so so many. Self-love is about acceptance of all that you are and all that you can be! 
  10. Laughter & fun – Yes, the world needs more of us to laugh and have fun. 

Another non-essential and integral to my life is my connection to Spirit. When I am not connecting on purpose and being unaware of my 24/7 connection will always be an indicator that my vibe has dropped below the high vibe threshold and I got stuff to address.

Which is your favourite way to raise your vibration?

Which of my 10 are you going to adopt and have a go at?

Love this article … then be sure to share it and leave me a comment and look out for my next article coming soon on why raising your vibration is essential.

Sarupa Shah

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