10 ways to power up you 2019 Vision Board

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Vision Boards are a really powerful personal development tool and this time of year it all kind of explodes.

And yet they are a spiritual development tool not so much a personal development tool. There is a difference, not just in language but in energy too.

They became all about the personal and material when made famous by The Secret, which incidentally never gave the complete picture. (Pun wasn’t intended however I like it so it has stayed!)

You can manifest through imagery for sure, but not if you aren’t dealing with the underlying beliefs. By beliefs I am talking the energy that resonates as a consequence of beliefs that you can’t have what you want. Plus, when your vision board reminds you of everything you haven’t got, it doesn’t lift your vibration. Which is why the literal image approach is not the best approach. 

To add to that if you are all about the material gain to prove your spirituality and ‘lightness’ it distorts the power of your vision board. It gets to be full of ego rather than Spirit.

This is where people have lost themselves. The fear is if you focus on the Spiritual you are denying the material when in actual fact, and ironically the opposite is occurring, where the Spiritual is being denied and replaced by the material.

As if the big house, or nomadic lifestyle proves a level of  Spiritual Alignment. Does it?

Vision boards are a manifesting tool,  they sit within that context and within a process. Don’t forget that. Manifesting is a Soul activity. If you haven’t consulted your Soul, then you will be manifesting in the ocean of personality, which is the dense, slow route to Spiritual Empowerment and service.

Before you get to ‘creating’ your vision board, here are 10 ways for to power up your 2019 Vision Board first.

  1. Complete your 2018 first. Each year your Soul has a plan for that year. Energetically every year has certain planet movement which give opportunities to grow and resolve. Completing your year isn’t about waiting till December 31st. It is about focusing on what you achieved, what became possible and what you are celebrating.
  2. Depending on what your 2019 vision board is for – decide on the theme and go commune with your Soul to understand your potential for 2019 in this area. This is a specific ‘visioning exercise’ – and remember no Soul = no Soul.
  3. Do not do the vision board online – you aren’t being green – you are changing the energy. You have to go paper, scissors, glue; that is where the energy moves and grounds. Straight onto a computer means no grounding or connection.
  4. Once your Soul’s vision is clear, or clearer than it was, work with your emotional and mental body. You want to align them to your Soul and include them in the process of creating your vision board. Plus they can make or break what your Soul wants to manifest!
  5. Don’t choose images literally or it becomes a mood board or the kind of thing an interior designer creates. A totally different tool. E.g. if you know you are creating a retreat in 2019, you can create a ‘board’ that has your venue, lots of people and transformational words on it – that is your motivation. It isn’t however a manifesting tool: vision board!
  6. Refrain from using words, or maximum 3. I have seen vision boards of inspiring words, lovely as the words are, again the energy has become so mental your Soul isn’t involved. It got pushed out if it was ever involved.
  7. Have fun. I am not putting this last as people see that as a ‘filler’ and flippant. This is in fact essential. Fun means not being disturbed, making it YOUR time and making it sacred to you. Fun means you thrive in the journey of creating your vision board.
  8. Don’t skimp on buying magazines. I am all about recycling, and often take magazines of friends and family providing that they don’t want them. However if I know I want Vogue style of images to look at and choose from, then I go buy it. Or if it is a homes and garden feel I might want (and until the day you won’t know so better to have a selection that you know you have an affinity towards) then I go buy it. Put it this way you are creating a tool for manifesting a brilliant abundant successful year, why would you make do with the one free magazine that came through your door. Can you see the contradiction?
  9. Don’t forget this is a Spiritual process. Before you rush it. Have you meditated and asked your Soul if what you are creating on the vision board is reflecting your 2019 vision? This is where I meditate again and develop the initial visioning exercise, as it is too easy to get carried away with images of things you want and get totally distracted from the energy of what you are manifesting!
  10. Once complete don’t forget to use your vision board. Most vision boards by the end of January 2019 will be gathering dust or if they are on a notice board won’t be ‘worked’ with. We all want osmosis, sadly we aren’t there yet, well not consistently. If you aren’t doing the energy work to stay aligned and allowing the vision board to take your deeper you are missing out! And yes there is a way to use your vision board. It isn’t passive! I would suggest you do this at least a few times a week in January and then weekly in February and March 2019!

If you follow these 10 guidelines for your 2019 Vision Board, you will do well.

If you want more:–

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Sarupa Shah


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