11 ways to tell if your Soul wants you to change your money story!

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Money Healing, I term I phrased back in 2011 is big business and big excuse central. Not surprising as there is some marketing adage that says money sells and when you get spirituality out of the hands of marketers and stop making spirituality and online marketing tool, you may understand why the excuses exist and appear…they keep you from Soul & Spirit!!!

I am not giving the excuses any attention today, well not much as that isn’t the focus. 

If you aren’t calling in money as you wish and choose. And you feel like you work so hard, and spend time or at least mean to pray, and instead cry, stamp your feet and try and break deals with the universe, privately of course and cover up how frustrated you are financially then really, are you still saying no to powerful and deep spiritual abundance work?

If that isn’t enough for you as you are well rehearsed in talking yourself into not taking action when it comes to your money story (another term I phrased back in 2010 or so) then here are 11 reasons why you are ready for a new money story, in fact I would go as strong as saying why your soul is trying to get your attention to say hey YOU, yes YOU the one reading this, address your money ‘stuff’ so you can increase your alignment with your Soul and your Purpose and of course your Service!

11 ways your Soul lets you know it is time for you to change your money story!

  1. If it has been a while since you did real money healing transformation and by that I don’t mean a free course or something you read in a book, I mean real in-depth  – invested in spiritual study (or maybe you have never done any at all?) – your Soul is waiting for you to shift your frequency!!!
  2. If you’re scared or even terrified about your financial situation and wonder if you will ever achieve abundance, (although you probably keep that thought and feeling secret as you don’t want to jinx yourself more than you feel jinxed!) – then yup your Soul is getting your attention as her job is to lead you to your purpose not to struggle so clearly it is seeking you to adventure!!!
  3. You make do with your business finances (or life) never really feeling abundant, and give away places to your event for free or at a discount, and have big plans that never come to fruition, like your workshop that had your friend who didn’t pay and one paying client and you hoped you could wing it to abundance by proving how much you are willing to sacrifice to serve…(it’s okay you aren’t alone there are so many who are doing this and there is no shame in it unless of course you don’t address your money story!)
  4. You are a coach, therapist, healer,  – Heart Centered type of business owner who simply struggles to make ends meet and attract ideal clients easily. It’s so not necessarily to struggle, like ever!!! And your Soul is saying hey you, let’s get that stuff sorted as the next step of your always bigger picture and contribution just can’t happen without you playing your role in stepping forward.
  5. Are ready for your next financial leap, is it 5 figures, high 5 figures, 6 or maybe even 7 figures? I have worked with clients to assist them achieving all these income bands! These feelings are different to the fantasy of one day when I am rich, they are more like that gulp that comes before you take a huge dive, yes your Soul is probably urging you to dive on in!!!
  6. Use money as your excuse and reason why not; like why not to launch, to ignore your intuition, to not leave your job to follow your dreams and passion, or not expand your experience of life to reflect your purpose!  Basically your dreams & hopes don’t match your reality…! (Word to the Wise – this is 2017 and if money is still your excuse, and your fear point then you are not in Service with Soul you are simply living in material fear and how is that supporting you to contribute just like you dream and hope to in the world?)
  7. If you want a better relationship with money and have access to tools and processes that never go out of date and each time you use them will help clear your ‘money channels’, blocks and limitations so your alignment to abundance deepens and widens and increases!!! (So let me say it another way – if you are sick of your ongoing and perpetual financial rut, your highs and lows, then you are ready and probably were ready for this way way way back!)
  8. You want to make more money and serve more!!! Go you!!!
  9. If you still believe in the old paradigm garbage of, free=manifestation of abundance, this is SO lack consciousness it isn’t funny and more seriously it is completely keeping your purpose, your spiritual alignment and your abundance away from you as well as your service!
  10. You want to go on a deep spiritual adventure, this isn’t about doing money quizzes and labelling yourself and putting yourself in a box, real spiritual development is about getting yourself out of a box and into expansion!
  11. Want to know my exact steps to manifesting money fast – the steps I take and have been all my life – and this is a *BONUS* for everyone who is LIVE only for the next Heal Your Money Patterns programme!

What will become possible for you when you step forward to transform your relationship with money, (and you can starting June 15th)?

Sarupa Shah

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