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For a long time, (and me included) and still to this day, it is widely believed and taught, that your thoughts become your reality as if you have to therefore become some kind of ‘thinking’ & ‘mind-set’ alchemist to create the reality you want.

And then you have the challenge of thoughts, it is often said that we have 3000 thoughts an hour, many fuelled by emotions, what we see, automatic and learned responses, so that in itself is a HUGE and overwhelming ‘aspect’ to manage?

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I think so.

And given that your thoughts come from your mental body, aren’t from your Soul, why is it not that we all affirm that My Soul Creates My Reality as that is how you …

…fulfil your Soul Purpose, after all, not from your mind from your Soul!!!

This is why I don’t let my head (or my emotions) decide for me. Sometimes my thoughts try and kick up a stink, make me scared, judgmental about myself, tell me that I can’t, I mustn’t, that I am not good enough, popular enough or whatever enough, however I go straight to my Soul.

It has taken deliberate and purposeful action to not let me remain a product of my thoughts, which sometimes others give me as how many times do people try and tell you what to think? It happens a lot!

The reason you are not your thoughts is because you are SO much more than your thoughts, you are a Soul and to get stuck with your thoughts is like turning the light out to your Soul and shutting the door to your Spirit!

When you work at a Soul level you don’t stop thinking as that isn’t possible. What happens is that your mind aligns to your Soul, it no longer feels it has to be in charge. Your emotions follow too and that is when you are operating from a Soul frequency. That is when life and all of it becomes easier because you are following your path and purpose and listening to your intuitive guidance.

Imagine not having to think and instead ‘soul-ling’…? Your soul has her plan and she wants you to succeed and achieve it, whereas your mind isn’t party to this plan. The choice when put like that becomes a no brainer…!

That is what I believe and understand and respect as ‘living the dream’ – it isn’t a marketing term it really is a thing!!!

Each of us is part of the Divine’s Dream and that is the dream, I know if you are here reading this article, you want to live, the dream that created you and the purpose that dream gives you.

One of the things that we cover in my exclusive and Spiritual Development Programme: Heal your Money Patterns is exploring what you think, and where that has limited your flow of abundance. Some of what I have found over the years is that people are so attached to their thoughts. It’s as if they are real and immovable facts (so they force them to be real and ignore the Soul totally) and when they discover that they aren’t real- that is when financial liberation really begins. The realisation you aren’t your thoughts. 

We are essentially Spirit individualised by our Soul and it’s so much easier to live soulfully which is always abundantly and purposefully.

How do you feel about your thoughts not being the best or highest frequency way to create your reality or the Soulful way?

I know for me it was a relief because thoughts are not Soul!

If you truly want to raise your vibration then it is time to live in alignment with your Soul not your thoughts as out of those potential 3000 thoughts an hour, you are going to find that land on the cobbles of struggle more and be totally confused as to why! Confusion is a great game of the mind!

How does this rock your world? It rocked mine, letting go of what I believed was true and impossible at the same time to master for something that I was searching for all the time anyway, my Soul and her purpose.

Share your thoughts and ask your questions in comments and don’t forget to share this post too.

Sarupa Shah

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