Why your thoughts are driving your business into the ground.

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Recently I wrote a piece here about why you are not your thoughts, and why thinking the way you do is probably doing you no favours at all. In fact thinking is over-inflated!!!

This pushed a few buttons because people believe that they are their thoughts. It’s been the rhetoric of spiritual development for so long, thoughts become things, so be careful what you think. It’s such a misguided assumption that thought is the highest form of creation.

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I will say it again here, when did your thoughts, born from your mental body overtake soul?

The only reason that would be the case is if you aren’t connected to your soul which most aren’t, just adding a ‘soul’ prefix to a word doesn’t make it soul, and telling yourself your thoughts are really, they must be your soul because it feels like it and you want it to be, still doesn’t make your thoughts soulful.

If you want to take a look at that article you can here, however read this one, just because it comes after doesn’t mean it can’t be first.

How do you drive your life?

I have purposely used the driving analogy today because it came up in a conversation with a friend, we were looking at analogies of how people live while saying that they are all about living the dream.

Whose dream? The popular one on social media who has lots of pictures with her laptop and cocktail on the beach? So much wrong with that image as I don’t work when I am enjoying cocktails and on the beach, really come on is that the point of the beach? Put that laptop down and have some fun for the love of the b e a c h!!!

That’s off my chest for now, so back to the analogy…!

Many like to pause, put the brakes on and say I am going to go back and review what I have done so far. On the face of it a review is super great as it can give you a new depth and has the potential for more layers to get obliterated and dissolved. The only thing is when it is used as an excuse, as defence against moving forward there isn’t anything big or clever about it. It is the opposite of self-serving! What it says is you are stopping and going in reverse. And review when it comes genuinely to go deeper isn’t linear in time.

Now as it has become a driving analogy it is interesting to note that the UK’s highway code states:

“No person shall drive, or cause or permit to be driven, a motor vehicle backwards on a road further than may be requisite for the safety or reasonable convenience of the occupants of the vehicle or other traffic.”

Basically reversing in a car is only really about getting out of a tight spot, or a short distance to get back to where you are heading. It isn’t a way to drive!

To say I am only going in reverse is really really counter intuitive and potentially dangerous.

The earth doesn’t go in reverse and stay there; nature doesn’t  – nothing does other than the human.

Do you drive your life in reverse?

So maybe you are thinking ughhhhhhhhh I am recognising myself here, and that you use or are currently using the reverse method of building life and your business and telling yourself some wonderful fiction of why it is a good idea.

Underneath this is your fear of money as people stop investing when they focus on the money. Also underneath it is a frustration that you didn’t make the results you had hoped, expected or wished for. In most cases this is down to a lack of action and implementation and the fact that nothing is a complete piece. Nothing is the IT and the be all and end all so the journey is the journey.

It’s like when you are driving somewhere you have never been before, even with Sat Nav on, you can get lost. A multitude of things can make that happen, for me it is usually being in the wrong lane for a turn and then trying to get back on route can feel like you are driving around getting more and more lost. What was a 5 minute to arrival becomes longer and longer, yet the thing is you are pretty much if not always driving forward.

Sometimes in life as part of our development we do things that logically (see why thoughts aren’t your best friend or best driver) don’t make sense, however intuitively they do. They may not even feel safe, not in the axe-man running after you sense of not safe, just a big huge risk not kinda safe, so not your norm of playing safe.

Yet you do them because a lucid moment of intuitive guidance and following it happened, and even while you are doing it your head and emotions are popping all over the place like popcorn trying to say, hey you…here, this way. You ignore it and maybe soon after or years after it becomes apparent what piece of your masterpiece that was and how without having followed that and pursued it so much would have been more difficult or even impossible.

So why would you go in reverse?

However you dress it up when you stop investing in your growth, money, time and commitment you have stopped.

Meditating for hours a day as pill to make you feel good, while in reverse isn’t growth.

Journaling your emotional woes away and writing your plans out daily isn’t growth, if you have slipped into a stop position either.

Only doing yoga when you want to grow your business, expand your service and your wealth isn’t the path to the success you want.

Signing up for every free call and keeping busy busy busy to make yourself feel like you aren’t in reverse, doesn’t fool energy, you can avoid your growth by choice but pretending you aren’t avoiding it is like a double bluff, except you are bluffing yourself as it’s pretty obvious you aren’t moving forward!!!

(NB I love meditating, journaling, yoga and keeping busy too!)

These and others like it are pacifiers, the equivalent of stopping in a lay-by and watching the traffic go on and think, see that thinking thing again, ‘yeah I am in it…!’ You’re not in it when you have stopped.

I am not going to sugar coat it that when you stop reversing and only go forward, it’s all unicorns, crystal showers, free upgrades, money for nothing, a charmed life that makes you a drop of God and by automatic ‘nothing’ a divine alchemist just because. Let’s not play in the land of illusion.  That is almost the same as saying, I am just going to pause ahem, code for I am stopping because I am not willing to move beyond my fears!!!

And anyway why would you go over and over the same stretch of road in the hope to see something different? You need distance from it in terms of space and time and then when you return if you are intuitively guided to then there will be the Gold you hoped as you returned at the appropriate time.

It can’t be sugar coated as to get to the sugar coating you have to go beyond the ‘crap’ (technical spiritual term these days at The Soul Agency HQ) that makes you feel

  • you can’t go forward
  • that you are about to run out of time and money (impossible in an abundant universe unless you let your thoughts drive you into reverse!)
  • you needed more proof and more signs. Is what you want not enough of sign? Or the fact that you are alive with a purpose and mission and part of that will always be growth?

You may even have people around you, close people telling you that you are cray cray craaaaaaaaaaaazy and it’s a mistake and you ‘shouldn’t’ and so on. When you hear the word shouldn’t from yourself or others move on!  When this is happening, it is just your fears being reflected back to you , hidden ones and ones you are avoiding and not resolving, and some of theirs, though we don’t make it about them.

It’s part of the journey,  you can’t step into the ‘new’ with the old as otherwise you will put your brakes on and go into reverse and get frustrated that you haven’t had new results, even though you haven’t changed your approach or completed that part of the journey. It’s like stopping half way and saying well I am not there yet even though I haven’t finished, so I am not moving till I get there. Not moving to get somewhere, hmmmmmmm!

Stop testing yourself with your own desire to grow and move forward. Stop thinking about how you can reverse or wait in a lay-by. It’s driving your business, life and spiritual growth into the ground, like a grinding halt.

It’s what causes that limbo feeling, so once you have thoughts in the driving seat, the emotions aren’t far behind and believe me they are a whole law unto themselves, once they kick in and try and push the thoughts away from the driving seat, you got an inner battle that is close to war. Good news is peace is possible as is driving yourself to success, easy success with oodles of growth, insights and ahas and opportunities to serve, earn and have so much fun.

That would be alignment.

Want to explore how to get your mental and emotional body in alignment with your Soul?

Book in a session with me today where you and I can discuss how you can do this, 121 with me and yes, this is about you driving forwards, I will be your co-pilot so it will be an adventure together. Get booked in here if you aren’t kicking tyres that is!

Sarupa Shah




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