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The word power is a funny one as it means power, like juice to charge your phone and we all can go crazy when that is low on power and we can’t get to plug in for that type of refuel. Though of course this article is about a different kind of power, not the hole in the wall accessible type or similar, but about the unseen nonetheless still ‘fuel’ just inner fuel for self.

Power used in that way is a term you have probably heard of and you probably have a gazzilion stories why you are afraid of power and they probably go something like this:

I was burned as a witch in a previous life… **oh really – so you don’t live in the now or can’t shake that story that just about every woman walking a spiritual path claims as her truth… – I don’t and partly because I am not claiming my past lives as an excuse and because it is just a great yarn!


Fear that if you claim your power you will of course simply abuse it to control others and serve yourself and have advantages born out of your misuse of power – a belief that you won’t use your power well or wisely, so best not have it and miss out on the essential fuel for your life and let your life experience be influenced from the powerlessness you have chosen – it is all a choice.

Your power is influenced by

  • what you believe and therefore say, think, and do
  • the conditions you place, so you may think you have to work hard to earn just enough, that is a condition, it becomes a self-imposed rule
  • like conditions your limitations will stifle, or even turn off access to your power. If you believe for example that everyone else is better than you and you aren’t good enough that is the equivalent of pulling your own plug
  • connection to self, some people call this self- care and I loathe loathe this term as care is such a nonsensical word and lacks any power, its a great distraction from the truth which is connection to self. This is a huge topic and probably warrants an article or two just on it, so I will precis – this is about your ability to put your first in its simplest meaning and being able to give to you what you want without sacrifice or discrimination or harm to self or others (intentional or not)  and that of course isn’t scripted or defined though it is about you and you
  • connection to source and your guidance, the term source has a great clue in it don’t you think?
  • trust in you and trust in All Is always Well 
  • the choices & decisions you make

Because power is judged, feared, misunderstood and so often prescribed to be in a certain way.  I mean as a woman you must be all about the goddess and such like if you follow a spiritual path as otherwise you can be accused of not following the correct (as if) spiritual path…**reaching for my bucket here**! The illusions of power and the illusions held within you about yourself, e.g are you really good enough or is everyone else better, will power go to your head because you don’t really believe you are compassionately passionate about service, it is just about being in control. You don’t want to stand out and shine if others around you aren’t because they might judge and not approve of you and then it might mean you succeed and get on and live your purpose fully … because of all this and more it has become a topic that is flirted with and some good stories are made up about it and it’s positive impact is still kept at arms length!

So while power is given a bad press, your success is impacted because as a being who requires fuel, when you have no fuel or the wrong type of fuel (fear, limitations, conditions that keep you in lack and small etc) you cannot serve you to give your greatest service, to manifest easily, to attract even, to hear your intuition, to align to your purpose – *ouch* and enjoy consistent success or inspire others in the field that you are in – it will be hit and miss, up and down, like the power switch is on and off.

In my experience of coaching, mentoring and speaking to literally 10s of thousands, one of the most difficult things people find to admit for various reasons is the fact that things aren’t working and that they have an opportunity to learn and grow. It’s kind of funny in some way as no power results in inertia and inertia brings on the excuses, the I will put my life and business on repeat, and focus on how tired I am, how unwell I feel and everything else that appears to be a ‘drain’ including rescuing others and so on!

The story of if I don’t admit or refuse to see opportunities for increasing my intuition, understanding and making different choices about how I manifest and connection to source etc and accept the truth and let support in then I can carry on not changing anything and winging it instead. And keep my fingers crossed as surely the universe will look towards me some day and say ‘oh yeah, you – with the wonderful creativity and the one who cried into her pillow so many times, let me just give you all you want because you are so brilliant even though you don’t believe it

Here’s the irony, the ones who are willing to admit it truthfully and not indulge in it actually immediately turn their inner power up and then when they let support in, the right support their inner power goes up again and the outcomes in their life change. For the defensive ones their power lessens each time they defend or justify.

Ironic, I said and it is.

Power you inner power is an intricate balance of light and fuel and exactly perfect to you, your journey and all that you dream of, sometimes it is ‘bam and kapow’ and often it is gentle and delicate and without claiming it you are turning your back on you, your spirit connections and your purpose. 

Are you ready to get plugged in and let your power flow? 

Your next action is going to determine whether you step forward powerfully or not. What is it going to be?

Are you ready to claim your power, like hugely and wholly? Are you ready to let support in and see your business soar and your spirit rise? Let’s talk about how you can make this happen, click here to arrange something – your success is waiting!

Sarupa Shah



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