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beach yogaThis is my new weekly series aimed at the ‘heart centered entrepreneur’. Today I am writing about the comfort zone.

There are very few people who haven’t heard that all the great stuff in life; your potential, your wealth, your impact, your dreams coming true, your intuition and best life ever all happen outside of your comfort zone. Yet why are you and so many others comfortable in their comfort zone and only every now and then stepping out?

What is it that stops you living outside of your comfort zone?

For most people I have found that they don’t recognise that they aren’t stepping out of their comfort zone into what I call the ‘enlightenment zone.’ Instead they accept mediocre, stagnation, even boredom, frustration, diminishing business impact, thwarted creativity as a way of life. It would be okay if they were choosing this deliberately, but they don’t. It is a default position. It is lack consciousness as if you didn’t believe in scarcity one would embrace the enlightenment zone!

Outwardly you are probably 100% up for the enlighten zone, who wouldn’t be right? In fact you might think you aren’t in your comfort zone, well not that much anyway. Yet here are the tell-tell signs that you are and don’t worry, I will give you some tips on how to get into your enlightenment zone!

  • You are bored for over 5% or more of the day and the rest the time it feels like you are just going through the motions, no excitement just indifference. I use 5% because you might think you are bored and aren’t  A hint of boredom=you are well embedded in your comfort zone!
  • You aren’t making enough money for the work you put in. Are you still thinking that your boat will float into the comfort zone?
  • Your creativity feels like it just doesn’t flow equally at all times.
  • Your relationships are turbulent and lacking in passion and intimacy!
  • Your life or business dream feels like a fantasy or at best still has ‘one day energy…’
  • You are more a starter and not a finisher.
  • You have an unconscious penchant for repeating patterns and expecting wow results…which rarely if ever give you new results.
  • If I was to ask you know exactly verbatim even what is ‘wrong’ in your life and business as if it is always at the tip of your tongue and prominent place of focus.
  • You think working on what is wrong is the only way…!
  • You don’t like to use your intuition, well selectively if you think you agree or make it up to be what you want to hear!
  • You and struggle have become close friends…the enlightenment zone has no struggle!

Now I am not asking for you to make any public confessions of where you have been in life and business and how you have a tendency to slip into the comfort zone and hang out. What I am going to ask you is to share something that you are going to do daily that breaks your patterns and flows you with ease and grace into the ‘enlightenment zone.’

Stepping out of the comforts of the comfort zone requires action.

Action requires a mind-set and will to do something, which in this case is to change how it has been and replace it with something far greater.

Don’t go and try something you have tried and not felt successful at previously as then you are setting yourself up to fail. Just do something differently. Maybe go to a networking group or a business event on your own if you have never done that. Trust that it is good to feel uncomfortable.

I always say if my knees aren’t knocking a little bit and I don’t have butterflies in my stomach which are signs of transformation, then I am lounging in the shade in my comfort zone and as you know that is not where magic happens and for you the New Era, your new Paradigm cannot birth in your comfort zone!.

To your enlightenment!

 Sarupa Shah


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