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For most heart centered or spiritual business owners business often becomes a dirty word! So the processes that are practical and enhancing are rejected, like building the foundations and doing ideal client work!!!

The wave of feminine business owners and goddess energy stuff also supports this view that women will rise and create a new paradigm of business…all in the end making for more confusion and struggle.

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This is why I created an ideal client blueprint for heart centered business owners. It brings together traditional – AKA material or masculine in energy and the spiritual AKA energy work to create a powerful tool to manifest and attract as well as connect with your ideal target community.

Check out this short video (below) where I reveal more and share how you can get more too. It is less than 3 minutes long!!!

If business is in your purpose and in your path of life, don’t reject it. That is as silly as saying I love to be warm yet I am not wearing clothes in Arctic conditions. It doesn’t make sense. It just makes struggle.

Business (like money) is neutral. It is what it is and how you or anyone operate within it is down to your energy, beliefs and patterns etc. If you believe business is old paradigm or not good, then you are saying the vehicle for your gifts to get out in the world is not fit for purpose so isn’t aligned to you. A brilliant distraction from the fact that you are not embracing your gifts!!!

Watch the video, leave me a comment and do share it too. Let others know that embracing business is the easy part and the part that makes being in business easy too! A win:win and let’s put an end to the notion that there is something unspiritual about business.

Sarupa Shah

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Your Ideal Client Blue Print


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