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This week saw the launch of two Money Boot camp 2014 groups.  I thought it would be fun to share an exercise from Money Boot Camp with you.

It’s a goodie and they all are but I deliberately chose this one because with the abundance of wealth consciousness material (yes I used the word abundance!) and resources available in the world, there is still a significant way to go before abundance is realised for all.Add a little bit of body text

There is a point when the information about how to think, what to say, what beliefs need to change and so on have to move from the ‘knowing’ as I call it to actually ‘doing’.

Time to get off the armchair and move that academic style of knowing into tangible action that gives you the results in your life, business, and  of course changes your money story.

Your money exercise…

What you will need…

  • A journal and something to write with and up to about 30 minutes

Your money questions….

1. What do I know about what I need to do heal my money pattern? – Truth is your knowing about what you need is powerful, so tap into that power. For those that understand Chakras go to your solar plexus your center of knowing and the place of your emotional baggage to, where fears, beliefs that don’t serve you and judgments are stored. Tune into what you know, how you feel and let what truth needs to be shared in your journal be revealed.
2. Who do I need to be to address this issue? – Still in that powerful place, acknowledge and accept who you need to be. Is it more courageous, committed, or calmer or…..?
3. What three actions can I take immediately to support my healing? – Don’t judge what you get here, when I recently did this I learned I had to have more fun, so I booked two holidays. It isn’t always what you think you need to do that grounds and anchors the money healing. NOTE you will only benefit if you take action as otherwise you are stuck back in knowing…!

Answer these questions as well as you can and stay present in the moment as when you come and repeat this exercise and I suggest you do, you may well find your responses are different. I often like to do this exercise when I find a resistance pattern coming in, so if I am resisting ‘doing’ in my business and avoiding or being distracted by lots of other things, except the piece of work I had set out to focus on…as resistance is telling me there is an information deficit and the exercise I share is a great way of getting to what I need to know, who I need to be so I can do!

If you want to change your money story then ‘knowing’ about it is a great place to start but not a place to get stuck as you need to to do things different and you need to take action.

Would love to know how this exercise went for you and don’t forget to share this exercise using the buttons below…! If you want to find out how you can take your money journey to the next level and change your life and business not because money alone does that but when you learn to love yourself enough to let abundance in, it comes into all areas of your life then check out this special offer that I have.

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