The secret to doing energy work for business success!!! [infographic]

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Energy work sometimes called inner work is key for Heart Centered Business owners. Yet most I speak with have inner work practices for life, just not business. It is a doubt that business has a place in spirituality, maybe the material world isn’t spiritual that causes them to not really consider energy work for business with any gusto. This is a pretty deep rooted belief which stops energy work for business being understood and implemented.

At best people will have a few affirmations that they might on occasion remember to repeat for business and it all really becomes superficial and tick box rather than with depth and true power to make a change.

Before I carry on it is important to understand the premise of my work. It is based on the fact that everything, absolutely everything is spiritual. Nothing falls outside of this. It simply can’t! While it may be called the material world it is a material world that exists within the spiritual universe so it is bound by the same laws that the universe operates within.

Why is energy work important?

  • Your outer world is so because of your inner world. For e.g. if you believe in economic disaster globally, then you will experience it in your life at some level. It is what you believe that comes true and where you place condition that becomes so.
  • Everything starts in energy. SO if your business outcomes are not filling you with joy, abundance or the ability to serve – and things keep appearing to be going against you, get to the root AKA the energy to make the shift.
  • Energy work makes everything easy, rather than getting into the head or emotional body to find out why or apportion blame to something outside of you or within your life, the energy work serves to keep you focussed on where you are heading not where you have been, (the looking back work is very old paradigm energy and not New Era at all).
  • It allows you to connect to the essence of your business, connect to the soul of your ideal client market for example and align to serving them instead of second guessing.
  • Gives you your plan for marketing, instead of copying someone else or following someone else’s template, you get to create one that is right for the energy of your business and one that reflects your true power.
  • It is key to manifesting and attracting everything.
  • Energy supports action.
  • If you think about it your soul purpose is energy, so without understanding the energy of it and where your energy is rejecting or contradicting it, fulfilling it will always be tricky to impossible!

Take a look at the infographic below and see the real benefits and purpose of energy work in your business (and life). The secret for Heart Centered Business owners is doing the energy work and in the New Era the energy work is distinct, purposeful, meaningful and about growth and expansion not about only feeling good.

Are you ready to learn the secrets of energy work in your business? Check this out if you are.

Leave me a comment about your experience of energy work and any questions you may have and of course do share this article too!

Sarupa  Shah

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