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The topic of money is mostly addressed from a point of not having enough, being stuck and lack consciousness talk. Where’s the joy in that?

The online world is full of people who talk about you can’t believe you are worth it, or enough … maybe true words however this focus usually makes the ‘reader’ or ‘recipient’  nod with acknowledging that that is where they are and where they are stuck. Or at least feeling stuck.

It makes you feel like whatever you do this cloud of impossibility around money exists.

And then comes a breakout, I saw it the other day with a client who said it isn’t about the money. I don’t care. The pattern of rejecting money blows up as if you can bypass it by transcending it simply by saying it.

Money isn’t something to transcend. The illusion of pain and the inability to earn it, is something to transcend, not the green stuff itself. That would just be counter-intuitive because money is simply a means to exchange value and you aren’t going to get very far telling your landlord or mortgage company you no longer ‘value money’ or ‘need it’ so they can have nothing for what you financially owe them. And that isn’t because they are wrong or not as evolved as you, remember money is an exchange of value. It is a tool, like an ally.

So the faux transcending it, is simply another indication that your relationship with money is skewed and tainted by fear and beliefs that it is impossible for you to resolve and get to the joy of earning.

Now not everyone is not earning, for some there is a lack of joy of earning, because of how they are earning. This is the case for most people I work with, they can earn in a job and I always say all money is good money, yet their frustration is that they can’t earn in the service that they thought or hoped that they were here to share.

It’s like when it comes to themselves being an earner, everything unresolved about their money story bobs to the surface and they can’t swim past any of it so they are stuck in this imaginary doldrums of beliefs of I can’t, not me!

And sadly that is where most stay, for way too long.

Of course money healing ™ is so much more than just money, it is in its truest sense about your relationship with yourself, your purpose, your service, your Soul and Higher Self, which when you aren’t earning easy and effortlessly doing what you love is challenged and controlled by your emotions and mental self.

And this part of you is the part that will scream all of a sudden it isn’t about money, it is so much more and then try and drop addressing the parts of you that make it all about you not earning and take away the opportunity for the joy of earning.

One client recently has stayed in competition with me, she asked me for money healing work and then has spent every session telling me that I am wrong and she knows better and while that is her emotional and mental body totally not willing to let go, she is unable and unwilling to see that she is blocking her joy of earning.

This is how insidious the connection to pain and suffering has become.

The joy is being squeezed out and the fear of discomfort that will come when you address old patterns and habits around self-love, because money is love manifest into matter…and we aren’t talking emotional love, we are talking spiritual quality here, is winning, The fear appears more real than joy even though fear an illusion.

Where there is no joy, there is no love, there is no alignment to self, Soul or Spirit and therefore purpose and service are not even in the picture. It’s all a bit more sacrifice, struggle, stress, worry, fear, and inner battle. And you don’t need me to tell you how much that way of being lacks joy and creates a deeper sense of not being enough, confusion, doubt etc so the cycle of no joy is perpetuated. And that is when people find every excuse under the sun to not invest in their growth as if saying money is transcended gives them a get out of growth card.

A Money Healing Exercise – the joy of earning

Today I am challenging you to journal about the joy of earning. Get into your WHY. This sounds easy however there are layers to it because at first your emotional and mental body will speak and so they can, however they aren’t the doorkeepers to your joy, that is your Soul and your Spirit.

So make a start today and look at the joy of earning, not why you can’t or why you haven’t and change the energy and start to create a new story around money.

When you start to align to the joy of earning, ‘stuff’ changes and then you are more available to change your money story as it comes from a place of service to self, and not a place to prove the impossibility of self, where all that happens is you defeat yourself to prove you aren’t worth it and maybe money isn’t it.

True money healing ™ goes way beyond money as it is about abundance and about joy and all the other good stuff in life and if you are ready for more, ready to raise your financial bar, address aspects of yourself then check out my 5 week Heal Your Money Patterns  Programme, the next start date has your seat reserved, question is will you step forward into it or will you tell yourself money doesn’t matter because  it is easier to avoid your own self?

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