Magical Powerful Manifestation Ritual [video]

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In this video which is just under 15 minutes long, I share a really powerful and easy to follow manifestation ritual.

Manifestation is a well-talked about and adored topic, after all it creates magic and miracles and it also remains misunderstood. Often confused with the Law of Attraction and always where something doesn’t manifest there is disappointment and it’s sometimes just impossible to understand why…though there will always be a reason.

did you know you can change how you manifest money and make it happen?

July 20th: art of soulful money making

@ The Ritz London,one day here for information

Use this powerful manifestation ritual to get results, to shift your energy and change how you manifest!


Please do share this video and if you are in London this July, then check out The Art of Soulful Manifestation, happening on July 20th at The Ritz a chance for you to change your power, increase your contribution and let  your purpose shine!

Sarupa Shah

PS this was created on the Solstice as a gift, however the power of this ritual is eternal!!!


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