The spirituality of debt: how to transform your money story [video]

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As part of my transform your money story series,I have am sharing a short (just over 6 minutes) master class on debt!

Now if you are someone who is sick and tired of being in a debt cycle and feel frustrated and guilty, or even ashamed then I really want you to watch this video as there is something I share that is going to get you to look at debt in whole different way!

There is a practicality issue I am fully aware of from my own life even, however to shift the fear and inertia that mounting debt can bring as well as reduce the debt if that is your wish, you know as heart centered entrepreneur doing the energy will create the environment for the shift!

I am going to be sharing more at my workshop on May 9th, Manifest your Dream Money and share with you specific techniques to fill the vortex opened up by debt.

Don’t know what I mean?

Well watch this video and start changing your money story right away!

Sarupa Shah


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The lack of money in your life getting you down? Or do you have money but no time? Have you become a leader but lost your soul along the way? Then stop, take a deep breath - you are in the right place. You are safe and we can make it better. So pick up the phone and call me 07005 808456, make an appointment to create a better, more conscious you.

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