You are invited to a one-day workshop at the iconic & high frequency hotel The Ritz, where you will be upgrading your relationship with abundance and money. This is emergency Soul work as without the Art of Soulful Money Making you are going to be feeling lost and won't be building a strong, solid and abundant foundation. July 20th, get the date in your diary and get yourself booked in because your future is waiting and those you are here to serve are waiting too!

Isn't it time you became the change you want to see in the world and took your next deep dive with the art of soulful money making?​

Most people can tell you the reasons why they aren't thriving. Yet very few can actually change this for themselves...

While there are plenty of 'reasons' and explanations, stories and excuses as to why there is financial struggle, something HUGE and something SIGNIFICANT is being missed.

Financial Struggle isn't Soulful, it is in fact a rejection of your Soul and her plan for you... you weren't born to why do it?

​That is a big statement I know, however this is your time to hear it because I know what you would do if you didn't have the ball and chain of financial struggle or fear about money or the constant worries of money. If you didn't believe your path to financial success was delicate and keep re-creating such a fragile alignment to abundance that is full of doubt, uncertainty and everything else that keeps you and making money at odds; I know you would be sharing your gifts with those you are here to serve and you would be manifesting your soul purpose fearlessly and experience your fullest abundant potential. I know that is what you want.

Having a thirst and hunger to serve and change the world & show others to live aligned has to start with you, as saying do as I say and not as I do lacks integrity even if it is born from fear. The adventure of life isn't in pausing, IT IS in serving and saying YES to all that you have come here to be and to grow and this piece around money is part of your spiritual journey.

You have probably done money work and feel frustrated that it didn't 'stick'. Maybe you tell yourself it didn't work or maybe you have never really done any abundance work with depth as you feel you 'ought' to know it and are really just avoiding what is ready to be addressed. The #1 reason people don't go deep and beyond their story of reasons why is that they fear what they might find, fearing the worst and imagining that they are meant to maybe have a life of struggle...I am here to tell you that struggle isn't a life purpose, or a soul plan! It is time to choose something different because if you aren't manifesting and making money then you aren't in service to yourself or others. If you have done money work previously, then well done as you have taken your first steps to alignment, though they were not your place to stop...unless you decide to say no to increasing financial abundance! (and why would you if you have dreams of service and contribution?)

Your invitation: 1-day workshop

The Art of Soulful Money Making

July 20th @ The Ritz, London​

Truth: if you don’t address your story around making money consistently & enjoying success, how will you get what you want & do what you want?

Staying in emotion, and over thinking and creating a story around why and why you can't is never going to serve you to serve others.​ And it will never lead you to abundance...ever!

Truth: abundance is the journey not the destination. Abundance is a way of life, not a place and if it isn't present in your life and business then it is for YOU to get on the path and move beyond what stops you, to what lights you and creates abundance easily and effortlessly!

Not making money can create fear. It can change everything from what you believe about yourself, to how you market or what decisions you make about your future. It’s insidious as the ‘fears’ creep into every area of life and stifles courage. If your inner value is misaligned your business suffers, everything you want to offer as service, or create misses the mark...think about this, how can the Universe give you anything else...your lack of inner value must be addressed and this is the time and this is the workshop to do this!

The time NOW is about moving beyond what is stopping you and instead of saying I know why this is happening, to say I understand how to resolve this and what actions will support me in moving beyond to my potential!

Your Soul has bigger dreams than your head and the price you pay for not addressing and building on money abundance is that your worth, your value and your service suffers. At this workshop ‘the art of soulful money making’ you will return to the delight of dreaming and trusting how to enjoy your success as well having the conscious ability to manifest money easily and at will!

If you do nothing to change then you stay in a loop that makes your dreams always just out of reach! 

This workshop is taking place at my favourite London growth venue – The Ritz, an iconic hotel, luxury frequency and reflective of the exquisite & powerful energy that you are. I am going to be taking you on a power-filled adventure with manifesting. Together we will explore:

· The reason you aren’t making money consistently and what the New Era energy is assisting you to resolve. This will lead you to getting what you want more easily. This is about going into your inner world as all the 'out there focus' is just a huge distraction. The simple truth is if you aren't making money, or thriving and feel financially scared and in struggle  - while it is an illusion, the key to changing this is within...and it isn't about  what you have done wrong it is about what you have not been willing to address or see!

· How to move beyond the ‘can’t’ or the ‘excuse’ - if you refuse to step into the discomfort and defend it with a ‘story’ you cannot move beyond your current situation to what is possible. Your first step is going to be saying YES to attending on July 20th!

Isn’t it time you saw your dreams come to fruition?

Isn’t it time your bank balance increased?

Isn’t it time you created the life that you want?

On Thursday July 20th, I am going to share with you my most intimate and sacred teachings from Spirit, my own processes and wisdom from my Soul. Your job is to show up, be open hearted and willing to draw a line that you cross over into your Higher-Self future.

​This is what you will do on July 20th at The Art of Soulful Money Making:

1. Fine tune – your vision & path & why to abundance

2. Money Rituals to create abundance –what you must do to maintain and sustain this energy beyond the workshop (and no it isn’t about what you have done or what you think hasn’t worked in the past it is about BUILDING to where you are going!)

3. Intuition & Soul – the time to think is over!

4. Outcomes & Success - without an outcome there is no success and vice versa

As you can see this is going to be a deeply spiritual and grounded day focused on you getting results. You moving through the stories you have created and into true abundance! It's a leap to your next abundance frequency!

Comfort zones will be left behind, you might even make some knee knocking decisions and find that you have the tools and the insights from your Soul to follow through. Imagine how exciting everything will be when you give up the safety of comfort, smallness and swap it for courage, boldness and Soul?

If you believe and want it to be your time NOW; to get over what has been on repeat, creeping back and standing in your way and holding you in a place where you just can’t appear to make it work - the business, the career and the finances and service and spiritual connection then this IS THE workshop for you to attend this year, plus you get the full Ritz, London experience. 

The most exciting question is – how will you feel knowing you have addressed ‘missing’ pieces from your money story on July 20th?

The nature of the day is intimate, powerful and numbers are strictly limited.

As this is a training day workshop, you will be working, growing, shifting, playing and the high energy that will be created will get you super excited & clear about what your potential can achieve. I promise at the end of the day you will feel like you are not the same person who arrived in the morning. You will become more of yourself and lose the crap that tells you, you can’t, or that you have to wait, get distracted, or be afraid…!

When you get to grips with soulful money making in the new energy, you attune to the certainty of your Soul and the certainty of your place in the Universe. That is effortless living & that is true joy! I know you want this, to serve and make money and live the life that makes a difference, and the one that has the most fun doing what you love. Is that what true bliss is?

Stop having dreams and start living the dream and let your financial story be the one that enables you to know your value, share your value and give your is that simple and anything else that isn't that is you not in alignment. ​

To attend the art of soulful money making, your investment is £500 plus VAT

This includes all materials, refreshments, lunch and for those that want to stay, a celebratory cocktail on me in the world famous bar at The Ritz!

If you don’t choose to grow, or keep putting off the opportunity, never can you fulfil your Soul Purpose and enjoy all its richness while you hold on to fears and look for ways to hide and avoid. Don’t let that be your life legacy. And waiting, thinking you will do it another time, and so on is part of what is stopping you and this is your opportunity to shift that energy.

I know you will look back at this workshop, pick up your notes and use what you have learned to keep you aligned to your Spiritual Service forever!

£500 to become a Money Manifestation Magician and to take you to your next leap, sounds like something you need to make sure you attend, right? I am so excited to see the emerging spiritual leaders join us, people like you who are willing to step out of illusion get back to the true power of themselves and live wisely, in service and abundantly. See you on July 20th!


PS thinking and feeling aren't soulful activities however you dress them up i.e. procrastination, logic, being busy ...if you aren't willing to shine light on what you avoid and what stops you moving forward then you are making a choice to stay stuck.  Spirit & the Universe operate at a frequency of 'can-do' so if you want to raise your frequency then you must decide and choose your Soul. If you know your path to abundance is ready for more then join me on July 20th, get booked in today and see how your abundance changes forever, each step forward can never be undone!

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