As a Soul Explorer you have a hunger and appetite for all things spiritual and want to take this to a deeper level. Wisdom and knowledge from only books doesn't satiate that craving to know more, be more and do more. This is more than dipping toe time as you are ready to play full out and start walking the path of a spiritual worker, even if you don't know where it will lead, or what it will mean you can feel the pull to grow, expand and transform you life. You want to commit more time, more money and get more support to move through areas of life and business that have niggled you, stopped you and felt like impediments on your journey. If you are ready to open your heart and share more of you in the world this is a perfect stage for you.

Your desire for deeper communion with the universe, your soul and spirit is driving you to take courageous steps and share more of you in the world. Check out how The Soul Agency can support you and assist your dream and passion and open you up to the wisdom that is already locked within you waiting to burst.

Money Workshops

Live & Virtual Money workshops are held regularly. These events tend to sell out fast and are focused on giving you the insights and tools to kick start and refresh your money story and relationship with abundance. There is always more! Note the Money Healing BootCamp is a different service and complements these virtual or live workshops. If you are due a money consciousness upgrade then join us!  Find out about the next workshop here...

Soul Purpose Channelling

In this 2 hour channelled session discover more about your soul purpose, and connect to your soul's wisdom to assist you in your current business or career plans giving you clarity and direction as well as confidence to move forward joyously. MORE COMING SOON

New Era Spiritual Business Foundation

In this exciting, 121 programme, you build your New Era Spiritual & Business foundation. The foundation is the first step to mastery. You will be introduced to your archetypes and be given spiritual tools to discover your own spiritual insights about who you are. You will learn how you can stay on track and stop spinning, or feeling like you stuck in a rut now and in the future.  Read more here...

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