5 secrets to selling with heart and soul [video]

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If you are a heart centered and conscious entrepreneur with a business soul purpose, you are likely to have a turbulent relationship with business.

The spiritually leaning business owner is bridging the divide between what was seen as the split between spiritual and material. In truth this split is just an illusion. However as the illusion exists it has become so embedded, to the point that heart centered and conscious entrepreneurs believe it true.

How about you?

In this masterclass, which is just over 20 minutes I introduce Michael Robinson and together we are sharing 5 secrets to selling with heart and soul. We bring the spiritual and material aspects together so you can get a soul and spirit approach to selling.

(It was our first video together  – done in one take and we are rather proud of it and have learned a lot too…always stretching so we can be in service!)

If you feel like there is just SO much more you wish to do. There are just SO many more people you want and desire and know you are here to serve but something stands in the way of it, then stop what you are doing and watch this master class right away.

Selling with heart and soul is the greatest service a heart centered entrepreneur can do!

The time has come for heart centered and conscious business owners to embrace business and selling which are both neutral energies. All the talk of selling being sleazy and masculine is simply hurting your own success as where you focus your energy is where you create your own reality from.

You will want to take notes and we do share about our new 2014 Summer School project – Sell with Soul, Authenticity and Success programme. You can check out details by clicking here.

Share your questions, share your comments and thoughts and be part of the revolution that heart centered and conscious entrepreneurs are here to create. Staying small, being confused and fearful about getting your gifts out in the world isn’t serving you, your ideal market or the planet and it is time to make a choice.

What choice are you going to make? Are you going to battle to find your path to success or are you going to accept support that leads you to your path to success?

Share your thoughts and questions in comments below and if this master class has moved you and inspired you be sure to share this post too with others who will benefit.

Sarupa Shah

PS Remember to watch this master class right away… just over 20 minutes and you will be inspired to shift your energy so you can embrace selling with heart and soul as a service!


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