The scarcity myth in marketing!

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I don’t know about you, me  – well I am pretty bored of hearing people ‘criticize’ how people market and then go ahead to use the opportunity to market themselves. It stinks and is a bit ironic. Energetically to ‘make others wrong’ is a low vibrational tactic. To try and make it almost impossible to challenge people chuck in how that is scarcity energy…and I am here today to dispel this myth and move beyond the appearance.scarcity marketing myth

So what if someone claims their business magic is to help you make 6 figures….maybe it is and if it isn’t making your heart sing then simply they aren’t for you. If it causes you tension then the question isn’t for them, or to them, it is to you. Why is someone else doing their magic such a point of grating for you?

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Don’t you believe that there is enough for everyone?

Do you believe you have the ‘handle’ on what is right and moral?

So…does that mean you are some uber super elevated master of everything that is judge, jury and executioner?

What is really going on about your own relationship with yourself and your own value. If you value you, you will market you joyously. It may be technically clumsy, badly written however you will not feel the need to judge yourself or others as you will know your own value. Simple and true!

Probably not…!

We aren’t going to always like how people market. We aren’t going to like every product or service we see being offered. We may choose to be offended by a word or image or both or more, however how much is really so offensive and so shady that it warrants a moralistic high ground against marketing and the services people are offering as part of their life and soul journey?

And this pot kettle black scenario, where I don’t market, or I don’t sell sensationalism however I market and sell all the same all over social media, is different how?

Oh is it because you don’t use so called scarcity tactics?

How about the fact that you make others wrong for wanting to go for 6 figures, or wanting to share about how to do that, is that not scare mongering just in reverse of what you see as obvious?

I am not saying it is or it isn’t, I am just putting this out there.

For the love of marketing which is the other side of the manifesting coin, it never works when you are focussing on how everyone else is wrong in the way they do it, or in what they offer and you are some saviour who has transcended marketing and market anyway!!! (ironic yes!)

I have heard so much about scarcity and most of it is utterly misguided and refers to the idea of marketing using a fear of shortage or not enough, a diminishing quantity etc…

Well if I am running a workshop that can only fit a certain number in it, and I state that, that isn’t scarcity. It is fact. If I choose to say now only Y places remain, then that is fact and yes I want those on the fence to make a decision because that is my service to them!

If something starts on a fixed date, and time is running close to that date and I market to let people know you have Y days left, that is not scarcity. Again that is fact.

If I want to share my secrets, that is my choice. As it is yours to share yours.

If I want to email my community everyday then that is up to me. Those who are grown up will know I am not standing with a gun to their head forcing them to read my emails. It is a choice. Read, unsubscribe. Whatever, make a choice like an adult and a being who has free will. To immediately make me wrong or whoever appears to be emailing you in a way you don’t like is about you, not them, after all your inbox is yours!

Scarcity marketing would be that if you don’t come to my workshop you will ruin your life and business. I mean that is utter nonsense and BS.

Scarcity marketing would be to say everyone else is wrong and I am the only one who can help you. Sound familiar?

Truth is scarcity very rarely exists in marketing, however it is bandied about as such a ‘thing’.

If something someone says makes you feel like you have to get on and hurry up or make a quick decision and panic panic and you believe that is a scarcity feeling, thank them because they have given you the opportunity to make a decision…to follow through or not. No one can make you feel anything, you know that academically…do you live that truth in all areas of you life though?

Scarcity in the energetic sense is when you make a choice, consciously or unconsciously to feel like there isn’t abundance and that all cannot be well within the universe and therefore your life.

I agree poor quality marketing exists; foundation-less, soulless, pointless, unrevealing and strategy less…though those situations can be rectified if you are willing to get off your high horse of ‘I can’t stand how everyone else markets only I know best…’ and the who me, I don’t need to learn anything, so I will just soap box my own way. I guess a better way to describe it is ‘scary marketing’ – done by those on a soap box, a crusade of self-righteousness, control and ‘me me me, me me!!!’

However poor quality isn’t to say it is bad, surely you can see beyond the appearance of something to discern what it is in it for you if at all. You would if you were using your intuition…sadly it seems many who align to the label of heart centered are still led by their head and guided by their emotions as intuition would simply guide you to be your best and never at the expense of another.

A new conversation is needed within the heart centered community about marketing. If you can’t celebrate and live and let live those who have a different way to you when it comes to marketing then the journey is for you to make!

What are your thoughts on marketing? Where are you pointing the finger at others about how they do it and missing out on your own business marketing joy?

Would love to know your thoughts on this, so why not leave me a comment and do share this post.

Raising your vibration is more than what you know it is how you show up and when you market soulfully you get to serve and you get to inspire and the whole world moves forward because of you!

Sarupa Shah





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