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In meditation the other morning, I was connecting to some wonderful energy. It was peaceful. The peace was different to what you may assume is the point of meditation. Meditation has several purposes but that is another article for the future!

Meditation for me is often an enquiry, a healing, a connection as well as a chance meeting. Of course sometimes it is about peace specifically.

On this particular meditation journey I was learning, piecing together and contemplating on how much people are at war with money.

lake scene peace

It is part of their money story.

Let me explain…

When you are at war with your money story you are not at peace with it, that bit isn’t rocket science. However when you are at war although you may grow with adversity and pain the underlying need to fight, AKA be at war remains. The energy is not conducive to sustained abundance.

You are fighting. It is tiring. There is much misunderstanding.

How can you tell if you are at war with money?

Over the years having helped hundreds and hundreds of people heal their money stories I can spot, often blindfolded when there is money war going on.

Also the majority of the world’s population are experiencing this.

  • When money is never enough…you are not connected to the energy of money.
  • When there is anger present about your financial situation…and live in fear of the past!
  • You expect but don’t commit to changing your money story…!
  • You continue to believe, even if it is hidden from view of most people, that the economy is tight and you need to be careful…people aren’t spending so nor should you!
  • Having money makes you feel reckless, like an addict. You get it, you spend it, you feel the adrenaline rush and then you flat line with guilt, panic, fear etc.!
  • You don’t want to give up on your dream, if you know what it is, yet you are stuck in a money rut. It seems anything you do just isn’t calling it in. It immobilises you but you believe if you stand here long enough it will just all change…it has to right?
  • You dream and fantasize about the time when money is no longer a destabilising issue in your life and you know how much more you would do in your life and in the world if you could or when you get more of it….!
  • You judge others, the rich, the poor, the corporates, the governments…not doing enough, helping themselves too much. It’s wrong, it’s not fair, it’s us and them!

As a conscious and heart centered entrepreneur it is time to stop the war with money. The change starts with you only then will the energy of money as experienced in the world be transformed. It is not a game of stale mate that the Government and financial institutions need to change first. Everyone needs to take responsibility.

How are you going to make peace with money?

Well, why would you? I know why I consciously work in my life to be at peace with the energy of money.

Do you know why it is important for you?

If you want to change the world, see abundance in your life and for others, holding the energy of a money war within you contributes to the whole dysfunctionality in money stories.

This is not a judgment, it is a fact. We are all adding to the bigger story and you can choose to add to it unconsciously and keep it where it is or you can make a decision to change it consciously by starting with you.

You can’t change the world but the world will change when you do! Think about that.

If you want to know how…well think about peace when there is world war, civil war etc. it takes effort before it is effortless. It takes a commitment and a will to do.

What commitment are you going to make?

Are you going to do the same or are you going to change your money patterns?

Challenge yourself and book your Make Peace with Money session today. 90 minute 121 session for just £99/approx. US $145 (VAT is applicable in the UK & some EU countries.)

After 90 minutes you will leave with a clear vision of how to make money with a custom made money map, designed individually for YOU. You will have the blueprint and tools to reach a new level of wealth consciousness.

You will be amazed in 90 minutes how you can change your money story and be on the road to money peace with a raised money consciousness. You owe this to yourself, your business and your dream.

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Sarupa Shah 


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The lack of money in your life getting you down? Or do you have money but no time? Have you become a leader but lost your soul along the way? Then stop, take a deep breath - you are in the right place. You are safe and we can make it better. So pick up the phone and call me 07005 808456, make an appointment to create a better, more conscious you.

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