The inner work mistake you don’t know you are making!

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As it is the season of ‘selfies’ here is another powerful, homemade raw yet important video. 2014 as I shared in the previous video post, is here energetically and there is no point wishing NOW away.

The energy of 2014 is about raising vibrations and being go-getting if you don’t then you will see yourself, life and the world through the illusions of chaos and drama.

Inner work is key yet most people get inner work confused and check out this short video to hear why and what you can do NOW to stop falling into the inner work trap!

I also share about an event I am holding on January 17th, 2014: Manifest your Higest Vision where I will give you the truth on how you can be powerful and manifest your best year. Real high vibration inner work tools, process and tips so you can let more soul OUT!

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