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Your so focused on immaculate funnels and systems you’ve lost the plot about what you do and why. The system has taken over the service. The herding of customers means more than the service itself. It’s true.want-more-clients

You’re so busy on social media. I mean promoting yourself on repeat you are a social media posting machine. It’s not really a business. Is it?  More often than not this is one that makes people believe that they are out there, yet they are still hiding in plain sight. If you aren’t visible to your clients then they will not find you and if you are hiding and pretending you aren’t then you are hiding.

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You are so ‘anti-marketing’ whatever that means that you are more focused on stating that than your service. Marketing is simply an invitation. People will have different styles and ways of doing this and you will never like them all, it isn’t supposed to be that way however focus on your service, not what others do as that is the way to create and lead change. making others wrong or doubt their way is way too old paradigm and plus it is distracting you from being in service, yes?

You don’t have sales conversations or make offers. Your promotions (see above) are either formulaic. Woe woe. Hardship. Despair. Solution. Success now that is so wild only I can show you – has become a popular overdone template. OR your simply never promote as in offer what you can do. Too busy wanting to give away your service for nothing in the hope that it will give you some kind of good karmic brownie points, well it’s not how it works. And think of this, it may not have happened to you though you will know of someone whose attention was caught by Spirit or their Soul to take notice of something, that is a kind of spirit-marketing – plus marketing is manifesting – reject one and you reject the other.

You aren’t embracing the uniqueness of you. There is one thing unique about you. One thing. Yup and one thing is in fact everything. With this knowledge you shine. If you want to know this, come work with me as that is your key to everything (and everything doesn’t mean a TV version of happy ever after as stuff will always happen in life, that is how we grow and that is the journey each of us without exception is on it is how you respond that makes a difference!)

You say do as I say not as I do. So you try and control your clients to be their authority as it serves you to imagine you are a gospel (a mask for fear of not being enough or that you love control can be both) and / or you don’t invest in your growth or walk the talk you profess to be all about. If you don’t sustain your growth your clients won’t and the universe takes away the opportunity for you to serve as it causes more damage to others. Karma. See. Not good.

You don’t believe you offer value / you don’t offer value. Believe it or not…not everything is value. Shock horror. However stepping out of illusion and into Soul will reveal that. That aside if you doubt what you offer. Don’t believe in it. Aren’t sure. Are keeping your fingers crossed and just need the material proof that you are worthy, then that energy is in all you do. That energy will always repel your clients. Wouldn’t it repel you?

Linked to your uniqueness and also independently you are on a ‘path of shrink’. Doing everything that isn’t really your thing or the thing that you really want to do one day… Maybe you have limited success so you can pacify the inner calling with a wait. Not now. Not yet. It’s too big. Need more money. More time. More popularity story etc. However Goldilocks rules apply and in this case long term no clients means that you need supersize yourself in all manners of speaking as being too small there is another way. Stop going over the same ground and stop stopping your expansion. The universe is always expanding. It’s what your clients want and if you aren’t doing it…welll see above.  It repels them.

You have a skewed view of what divine means or spiritual means which basically boils down to if something didn’t work and in this case you launch something and clients didn’t get attracted or come, then you have done something wrong. You believe you are wrong and need to wear that trauma as you step forward and be cautious and full of self-doubt and uncertainty for ever. You tell  yourself, perhaps secretly that you aren’t good enough, a fraud, other people are better than you.  As you hold this story on the inside and feel that all this unworthiness is a sign that you aren’t divine or the divine can’t shine its light to and through you, you get stuck and miss the point. Even the shadow, though this isn’t, this is learning, growth is all part of your divine journey. Get over it and get your service out there!

There are solutions, it is about your energy. It is equally about the practical steps you take. It is about your Soul, AKA heart for Heart Centered and Conscious Business professionals.

What would you add to this list and what has been sparked within you reading this article? Share in comments and do share this post too.

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