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There are some common themes in mass consciousness, like a fear of failure, a rejection of the divine, fear of power and not believing you are good enough. Many others are simply aspects within these core themes.

I am going to be taking the ‘not believing you are good enough’ and exploring it some more in this article. It’s a good ol’ favourite after all. I say favourite because it is one that is cited and pulled out as a reason and excuse more than anything else.

In fact it is used to be the; I know I got this – it must be because I don’t believe I am good enough. It’s the reason so many Heart Centered and Conscious business owners tell themselves validates why they haven’t had the success that they dream and yearn for. 

As a statement of reason, I don’t buy it anymore.

As you will see from the diagram I know it exists as an illusion of mass consciousness and shows up in 99% people’s lives. However the defence of I get it, and pointing everything to ‘I must not believe I am good enough’ has become an empty phrase that is really saying – now leave me alone because I got it and it’s huge and I am not alone in believing this.

If ever there was a reason to not come together on common ground, then this reason would be it. Feeling like you are part of something because you all share not believing you are good enough and to feel connected because you belong to a club of others who don’t believe they are good enough is a distortion of abundance and of course a choice. True community is building on strengths not weaknesses.

The reason I am not buying the statement I am not good enough when I hear it from clients, is not because I don’t believe that they believe that to be true for them. Because making that statement isn’t changing anything for them or for anyone. It isn’t a light bulb moment to make that statement.

The light bulb moment comes when you go beyond that statement. So yes the belief that you aren’t good enough is the root and going beyond it you uncover how is it manifesting in your life.

How is it shaping your patterns and habits?

How is it impacting on your behaviours and actions?

  • Do you never show up for work and then wonder why you have no success?
  • Perhaps you are blaming others for things so you don’t have to take responsibility?
  • Or you don’t listen to your intuition and claim you do but instead you second guess it with your mind and emotions and let that decide for you so you set yourself up to validate not being good enough?
  • Perhaps you over compensate and think you are the bees knees, the ‘what the world has been waiting for’ and everyone else is wrong?
  • Or you over compensate by believing you are the best, the most this that or the other.
  • It could be that you don’t allow yourself to invest in you, because not worth it is part of not believing you are good enough.
  • Perhaps you always stop short of your breakthrough into your purpose and step back?
  • It might be that you tell yourself 24:7 that you don’t know what to do?
  • Or you allow yourself to ignore your purpose and get distracted?
  • You measure yourself by a success standard that you are already sabotaging?
  • You have financial issues that just never go away whatever you try.
  • You find manifesting hit and miss.
  • You always seem to pick partners who don’t respect you and whose approval you seem to put over and above your own approval (love) of self.
  • And the list could go on infinitely….

Now in itself, not believing you are good enough and anything in the bullet points above, if taken at face value can appear destructive and they are in that they aren’t constructive. They are a form of self-sabotage and definitely illusion. And this is often where defences get high as seeing the impact often ends up in self-judgement and / or defence. There isn’t any need or point to that other than to feed the I don’t believe I am good enough energy. The loop is so well trodden it is easy to stay in it, until you choose and decide, enough!

However if those kinds of habits, patterns, behaviours, actions and beliefs are showing up in your life or the impact of not believing you are good enough is showing up in different ways and it will be, in so many ways that you may not be aware (most aren’t) then there is ‘purpose‘ to them.

Somewhere on an unconscious to conscious level a choice was made to let that root ball of not believing you are good enough grow. You might like to say it was this thing that happened once when you were young, and while that may have been the trigger that fertilised the seed, it wasn’t the cause. The choice is made internally and often unconsciously not by external forces or other people. (Deep I know, though true!)

This is why I advocate working this through with someone who can hold that space for you and lovingly challenge you to explore and stop you falling into self-judgment. The statement of not believing you aren’t good enough may be easy to make however resolving it, is powerful work as the hold it has can be far reaching.

Imagine a life where you are good enough…

For a moment let your imagination run wild and free and imagine a life where that ‘illusion’ is no longer true, and in fact you believe you are good enough (not better than as that is part of the not good enough belief). You no longer say it or feel the need to voice it, in fact it doesn’t even enter your thoughts or influence your life.

Can you imagine what that life might achieve and do and how much fun you would have? As well as abundance, success, impact and all the other things you would love. And no slipping back into but this can’t be true because, don’t slip back into you not believing you are good enough, just yet.

I just wanted that interlude for you before we get back into the nitty gritty because understanding why that root ball is there is essential and equally identifying what habits, patterns, behaviours, actions and beliefs are in your life as a consequence, some of which you may have thought were the way it was, is also essential. As those are the ones to change…replace, let go and transform.

Creating a good enough tree!

It looks like a tree, kind of, however this isn’t conventional this is energy and going for the root when the habits, patterns, behaviours, actions and beliefs aren’t being tended to (trunk, branches and leaves) means that they feed the root. And it won’t matter how many times you shout, scream, write, repeat – I am good enough – when everything you do when it comes to: habits, patterns, behaviours, actions and beliefs is actually affirming the opposite. It’s the chicken and egg syndrome, and how ever much you try and remove the root if the habits, patterns, behaviours, actions and beliefs remain the root is reformed.

It’s like trying to wash your clothes with dirty water. You can keep trying and they just won’t get clean.

I don’t let my clients stop at the excuse that they don’t believe they are good enough, it has become the catchall and the ‘you can’t catch me statement’. It wasn’t that long ago a client tried to say something wasn’t blooming in her business because she didn’t love herself, which is another aspect of not good enough. I heard her sigh with relief as she had said it, as I am sure she expected me to say oh yes, poor you – that is such a biggy…of course I didn’t indulge this or say great work at that point,  that came a few minutes later.

I took her further and until you go beyond the generic statements that have a basis for truth but are too generic you cannot bring change. And really what does it mean that you don’t believe you are good enough? It isn’t uniform. 

Why has the choice to have this illusion present in your life been made? Not the story that may be attached to it, just the why. It will have a purpose and this is the hardest bit to understand and arrive at and without arriving, the impact of not believing you are good enough remains and will continue influencing your life in many ways.

Until you get to your truth and standing within the root cause, i.e. how it stands in your life and the purpose that it holds and performs, you simply won’t find it easy, if at all, to transform it from shadow to light.

Believing you are not good enough is one of the greatest illusions. That’s the nature of mass consciousness, illusion.

If you take the word illusion, it means trick, it is a dupe and in this case it is not true and every story that tells you it is true is part of the illusion. So don’t settle in surrender that you don’t believe you are good enough and that is the way it is for you. 

Accept that not believing you are good enough exists in your life and it exists for a reason. Don’t sweep it away, or avoid it and believe if you ignore it it disappears. By accepting it you aren’t indulging in it or feeding it though you have to then make a choice to go beyond it as while it is there it influences your life and when you get to understand why and how it is manifesting in your life, you can change the root to I AM GOOD ENOUGH.

There is a magic at play because when you get to a core habit, pattern,, behaviour, action or belief you set  the root of I don’t believe I am good enough on dissolve and it starts to create an energy of resolve and life and business changes every quickly.

It leads you to creating  your life &  business built on the spiritual truth that you are in fact good enough and always have been. And it becomes part of your piece to resolve this energy within mass consciousness. True service always starts with you.

Before you do, share this post and leave me a comment about what you have thought or any questions that you may have.

Sarupa Shah



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