The heart centered truth about your net worth!

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The heart centered truth about your net worth

How wealthy do you feel right now?

It’s one of those questions I often ask that causes a reaction. Either protests or defence that wealth isn’t about money. You will notice my question never suggested it was!

However I am not going to pretend money isn’t part of wealth, in fact I will go as far as saying it is a significant part and without healing your money story true abundance is near impossible. Sacrificing to say that wealth is everything but money isn’t the path of a true heart centered entrepreneur. Nor is it the path of a heart centered entrepreneur to say wealth is all about money.

Wealth is about abundance in all areas!

The new paradigm is about resolving money stories as if you still believe money is sometimes good and bad depending on whether you have it or not, or that it is better to be happy with ones ‘lot’ and not want for more, then you have misunderstood abundance.

Abundance is limitless, it is free of judgment and harm. I can see why people think yes, but money is bad, look at those and look at them and look at how little they do and how much they get for so little. All old paradigm stories that are simply reflecting unresolved energy within you.

How do you change your net worth?

  • Change your money story…through doing the inner work!

When you do, everything changes for good!

What do you think about you net worth?

Is it plateaued?

Is it stifled?

Are you making do?

Do you harbour sympathy for those who don’t have and anger against those who do, or is it the opposite way round?

What is your money story? Not the money story of your parents, your community, your partner or your country.

What is your money story? What is it telling you about YOU?

Do you work too hard for little return?

Do you do the same things hoping for different results?

Do you believe you are not destined to be wealthy but playing along with the possibility just in case of divine intervention?

Whatever you ponder on, there is only one way to set the energy in motion to change your net worth ….

The heart centered truth about your net worth


Are you ready to change your net worth?

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Sarupa Shah

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