Heart centered money exercise

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If you want to change your money story from surviving to thriving then this is the perfect exercise for you. If you are looking for your next financial level and are ready to really do something about getting off the level you are on then this is also the perfect exercise for you.

As a heart centered entrepreneur you have a spiritual leaning but I remember from a young age knowing that there was a greater power and as I grew older I did get disillusioned. My spiritual radar and interest was huge, yet I just didn’t know how to apply that knowledge into wisdom so my life was transformed. It was a clumsy initiation but I kept moving forward and I want to share with you what worked for me.

You have to do the inner work to create the outer shifts, yet as you know inner work is about focusing on where you want to be not where you are and why you are where you are!

In excitement for my workshop Manifest your Dream Money, happening on May 9th 2014 as only a few spaces remain, I know that people who want to attend will miss out and some of you will make excuses as to why you can’t come. Whatever the excuse, no money, no time, no baby sitter, live to far away  – underneath them is a story that is nothing to do with the excuse. It’s a fear and a lack of trust that stops anyone taking the action that will support them to live the dream yet it becomes so real that it feels impossible to break through the no, I can’t energy!

I am committed to supporting you so have created this exercise and my desire for you is that you have your money transformation, the one you dream of and the one that is 100% possible. Caveat is you have to commit.

Are you committed to changing your money story?

Share this post, help others to benefit, it’s good karma for you as you get out what you put in. If you have questions or want to share your experience leave a comment. I promise to respond.

Sarupa Shah

Heart Centered Money Exercise

Heart Centered Wealth Creation Exercise


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The lack of money in your life getting you down? Or do you have money but no time? Have you become a leader but lost your soul along the way? Then stop, take a deep breath - you are in the right place. You are safe and we can make it better. So pick up the phone and call me 07005 808456, make an appointment to create a better, more conscious you.

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