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This is article no. 3 in the Heart Centred Entrepreneur series. In this article we look at the principle that everything starts in energy first. The big question is how can you utilise this in your business more?

photo credit: ~Brenda-Starr~ via photopin cc

photo credit: ~Brenda-Starr~ via photopin cc

It’s not a new concept to understand that in order to manifest something or create something, it starts in energy first. Academically most heart centred entrepreneurs know this. In fact the medical profession is increasingly accepting that stress is a core root of illness and stress is intangible,  – it is an energy reaction!  Knowing is not the issue, it is how that knowledge is applied into wisdom that counts!

Knowing something is a bit of a ‘so what’ in my world and the words… ‘I know…’ are a real energy blocker when it comes down to it, as usually what follows is a great big…’but’…! The ‘but’ that follows is the excuse or justification for why it hasn’t been possible to move from knowing, to being and living wisely.

So you know everything starts in energy first…

Does this mean that you feel like your life and business is always on an upward and expansive trajectory? Or you simply know it but don’t know what it really means and how to use it to make the best life and business ever?

Are you doing the energy work first?

This is the most fundamental and empowering questions for you as a heart centred entrepreneur.

What I have discovered and seen is that the energy work is often forgotten, done last or ignored because worry and fear have taken over the energy field. When this happens it can make you believe that you are working on the energy stuff because you are batting away the fears and worries.

Truth is that you are just feeding the fear and worry and not focusing on what you wish to create. Focusing on fear and worry in this way just affirms the fear and the worry.

What is energy work?

This is a great place to start…and I have broken it down into a series of steps for you.

  1. You have an idea to create, experience, achieve, make, feel etc. something. It is growth, change and transformation that you are ultimately seeking.
  2. Focus on that, visualise it and align to it. Imagine the end point not the, oh will it work stuff.
  3. Start taking action but keep up the visualisation, daily.
  4. Create affirmations to support your endeavours and use them.
  5. If fears keep coming up and a sense of doom about your project then journal it out of you. Get to what is the root issue and then navigate your way around the energy that is holding you back. It could be that you have missed something obvious or it could be a straightforward illusionary fear (False Evidence Appearing Real). A fear named is a fear tamed and once you have named it the power it has over you is dissolved. The unknown and the shadow of our imagination can play havoc when you are running away from illusionary fear.

In a nutshell this is the process – visualisation, action and refinement – this brings together the energy work, including the resolve of energy that holds you back and keeps you playing small and the action to support your movement and transformation.

When you are aligned in energy and action you will manifest easily. You will attract more of what you desire in your life as your energy broadcast will be higher vibration, rather than the will this work, am I good enough, that most people hold as security blankets and broadcasts.

Let me know how this article has inspired you to up your game with energy work.

If you want some assistance in getting clear on your energy work and actions then why not drop me a line soul@sarupashah.com and let’s find a way to stop you seeing challenges and blocks and reasons why not.

Your creativity is the voice of your dream and to hear it and make it so is what you are seeking in your business and life; isn’t it?

Sarupa Shah



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