Heart Centered Entrepreneur: how to rid yourself of problems (and increase your abundance)

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Do you have a lot of problems?

Do you describe your life as a series of problems?

I detest the word problem. Energetically it is a word that is used to abuse self or others. I remember once when I was co-running a business mastermind with a woman she insisted on telling all the clients what their problems were. I suggested a different approach but she brushed it off…suffice to say the mastermind ended up in revolt and disarray as no matter if you meant well, the harm gets done. It’s like going to court because you committed a crime and saying but I didn’t know, that is not a defense as if you cause harm unintentionally it is the same as causing harm intentionally.

The problem with problem…opportunity

When you tell someone what their problem is, unsolicited or otherwise you have become part of their problem. As you will have had to lower your energy to get into that space where you can think and talk problems.

Try this for a moment think of someone you want to tell what there problem is to. Start with…

“Your problem is….” (fill in the blank and check your body and tones and head…!)

One of two things will have happened you will either have had: a ‘yes baby’ moment where you get that sense of finally I can tell them.

OR you will have a meek, sympathy voice which is trying to mask what you are saying with conjured up tones that say, I don’t really want to say this and offend you but I will as I think you will want to know.

Both of these situations are a judgment. It doesn’t matter how right you think you are when you tell someone they have a problem it is a judgment.

Energetically the reason you become part of the problem is that for someone to point out what someone else’s problem whether face to face or even behind their back, you have lowered your own energy and connected to lack consciousness. This isn’t highest good energy which is the true work of a heart centered entrepreneur and you have judged the person you describe in terms of their problems as well as affirmed that a problem exists.

When someone tells you, you have a problem even if you want to ignore them and try your best to something lingers about it as you often end up wondering if they had a point. It is like the problem spell was cast and there it remains like an unwelcome guest.

Yeah, but we all have things we ‘could’ describe as problems…

Indeed the majority of people think they do.

Just like when someone else tells us what our problems are you accidentally or unconsciously or maybe even consciously affirm it for yourself and give it a long-stay contract. It means you have also judged your situation or circumstance as having no purpose or good or even light. You might be blaming yourself, feeling like a victim and / or blaming someone else.

When you think of things in your own life as problems it is still an affirmation and judgment!

Yet I hear you and yes we, I even have things I would have in the past used the ‘P’ word to describe.

However there is a way to process and deal with those things as they are not problems!

Here’s what I do…

  • I ask myself is this (whatever is in my way, limiting me etc..)a problem first. If my intuitive answer is yes, then I know I am in judgment of myself and therefore I know what work I need to do to resolve this.
  • If on the other hand I say ‘no’ then there is a different journey to resolve that I have.

Ultimately the shadow which is at play in these situations is just an absence of light. An absence of light is an absence of self-love, so if you think about it judging yourself is just playing into the hands of what you want to avoid the most.

Is there such a thing as a problem for a heart centered entrepreneur?

The answer is N-O, NO! At least not for the heart centered entrepreneur who has actualised her or his self into this role and truly done the inner work to create the outer life of blessing and abundance.

So you still think you got problems?

If I haven’t convinced you that you can start by saying you have no problems or you doubt you can sustain the:  I don’t have problems way of life then here are 2 tips to help you.

  1. Delete the word problem from your vocabulary. Replace it with opportunity. When something presents itself that you would have before you read this article described as a ‘P’ word, choose to describe it as an opportunity: What is my opportunity here…? NB the answer will go something like this…to claim more of myself, to get over this pattern, to resolve this story etc…
  2. Always choose your support wisely, if someone sees your life as a problem then they are not for you. Energetically I have explained why and equally significantly moving forward with the new energy of 2014 as a heart centered entrepreneur you want to be experiencing success so you can put your mark of change into the world.

You cannot fail when you stop seeing any part of your life as a problem.

If you want to talk about how you can stop seeing your life and business as a series of problems and limitations and experience true abundance and service then I am offering business coaching with me for 2014 Click here to schedule a conversation about it and if we click we can do something great together! It is business coaching for heart centered entrepreneurs whatever your walk of life. It is going to be matching 2014’s go-getting energy and it will change your life.

Now share in comments below what you thought about this article!

Sarupa Shah


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