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How many times in your life have you said when something went wrong, I deserved that – a way of blaming yourself not of taking responsibility. Or when you felt that you deserved better, ooooo the indignation that goes with that!

The thing with the energy of the word ‘deserve’; it is double-edged and one that is in fact the territory of the emotional body, which means it isn’t your Soul’s energy. With deserving comes this notion that it’s about time, its luck, it’s a pay off for something, when your Soul Purpose is already brilliant and your Soul already has a plan for it, so it isn’t a case of deserving when you look at it that way!

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‘Wanting’ on the other hand is Soul domain. The Soul wants to lead you to fulfil your Soul Purpose, it is charged with that role. And still ‘wanting’ gets a bad press by those who do not understand energy, as if it is unspiritual to ‘want’ … as if!

Though you can’t just interject the word ‘want’ and pretend it came from your Soul or impose your personality want as a Soul want!!! That ‘try and trick the Universe’ won’t work because your Soul doesn’t play games…and is a reason why manifestation isn’t consistent.

For a want to be real you have to check in with your Soul. What you think (think being the operative word here and therefore from your mental body)  you ‘want’ without alignment to your Soul’s plan; your Soul has no purpose for it to occur, and all that happens is a distraction and you get off ‘path’ and into struggle. Most people get stuck here, pushing, trying every which way to make something happen without giving the Soul a voice.

And still even with all the wisdom and teaching available, most people end up with that they deserve, because deserving is based on beliefs and beliefs are mostly limitations, conditions and judgments!

And you know the adage if you get what you deserve, then you aren’t getting what you want and that means you can’t give your purpose as a gift to the world as you have held it back!

Even if you are shouting to the Universe I deserve more than this and repeating to yourself that you do, deserving has an energy of uncertainty about it, doubt and all that comes with the emotional body.


Well what you deserve is based on:

  • What you believe possible, or more likely what you believe is not ever possible.
  • What you believe about yourself – and that includes those buried beliefs that you don’t go to as the fear is they might just be true.
  • The story, conditions, judgments and excuses you uphold as your truth and use to justify why you can’t. – This becomes an affirmation.

This is why it doesn’t matter how much you holler at the Universe that you deserve more, or are ready for more as really you were born ready.

It doesn’t matter how much someone else says you deserved more either or that you didn’t deserve whatever happened. Of course it makes you feel good and vindicated especially when someone is hollering with you that you deserved a better outcome, yet it doesn’t change what is causing you to get what you deserve instead of what you want.

What you want…

Let’s say you want to

  1. Fill your next workshop OR
  2. Leave your ‘job’ and be full time in your business OR
  3. Want to make consistent 4,5,or 6 figure months OR
  4. Get out of debt OR
  5. Get aligned to your Soul Purpose and Plan and do more service that YOU LOVE in the world

Of course the list could be endless, but I suspect one of those is close to you.

You say you want one of the things above or similar.

That is BRILLIANT as being able to get clear on what you want is essential. And of course you check in with your Soul…and accept if your want is actually nothing to do with your Soul plan, at that point let it go.

Then comes the challenge…

What you do once you know what you want…

  • Do you wait, do nothing to prove to yourself that it is the right thing to want and secretly are waiting for the Universe, Spirit and your Soul to say here you go sit here do nothing and we will give it all to you? – Underneath this is a fear and that fear will be supporting why you don’t really believe you deserve what you want so ultimately you won’t be able to manifest, attract or get what you want.

That ‘do nothing’ has a consequence, and how many times is that consequence going to be played out before you stop waiting and start making? You have to decide. (NB: if you are currently in a coaching programme or any other programme and not taking action or implementing, then what you doing? Why are you gambling your service away like that?)

  • Do you immediately become heady and logical and let yourself feel like you are being busy and really you are doing what you have always done and hoping for different results? 

The Solution

Focus only on what you want. Nothing else, whatever happens only what you want.

Create a Soul-led plan and follow it. That will mean `addressing’ parts of you that aren’t in alignment and stepping out of what you believe you deserve or fighting that you deserve more too.

Say you want consistent monthly income through your business; then that is your focus.

Of course that will throw up beliefs and stories about why you can’t or why it is going to be so hard and why you can’t charge your worth and blah blah blah, so you address those by doing money work that moves you forward.

Or say you want to fill your next workshop and have a wait list, something that you have never experienced and really want and of course it is in alignment with your Soul plan, (if it isn’t it will never happen or sustain).

And if you know your desire to not market and be or stay invisible will come out to play, work with someone to market with heart *&* soul and to stay accountable to what you want so you continue to move forward and slip back into old habits and patterns and excuses!

When you align with what you want at a Soul level, and create a Soul-led plan, which isn’t going to always be fluffy unicorns, a green juices and hippy happy clappy. Your Soul will challenge you to step forward as if you are staying the same and doing what you have always done then there isn’t any energy for growth and make no mistake here, dressing it up differently doesn’t make it different!

Growth comes from growing and not being the same, service comes from being willing to step forward, an increase in finances comes from being willing to take risks and address your fears around your value and worth. Nothing you ‘want’ can manifest if you aren’t willing and committed to step into your future, without that you will be left with what you deserve and if you can’t see what lies beneath that you will always feel that sense of why am I here again, I deserved better. You will be in a loop!

Isn’t it time you lived your Soul plan and gave up the emotional need to deserve which backfires until you have addressed how to step into your future confidently?

What are your thoughts on this?

Leave me a comment and let’s get you what you want.

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