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Money is such a love to hate topic and obviously a popular subject on this blog.

Recently I was writing a guest post for another fabulous blog and sharing about my story. The one that charts how I got here. Like anyone the story has bumps, twists and turns and great big hurdles. Luckily now I seem have more ‘happily ever after’ endings than in my early days.

(I want you to have happy ever after endings so keep reading this post. I have a gift for you that will kick start you on the path to abundance…but you have to use the gift! Osmosis may come later but for now it takes aligned action and that is where I come in! )

One thing that always stands out to me is my very contradictory story with money. Growing up I was called ‘lucky devil’ by my Dad. That name stuck and caused a very positive chain reaction in my life. I always landed on my feet and good things always happened to me. Great jobs, amazing pay rises, discounts, wins…pay offs…! It was like the name was having power or maybe I was living up to the name. Who know’s which was it works but it all caused a great positive situation in my life.star_planet

Although this was not so when I stepped into being in business. It was as if I disowned ‘lucky devil’ and became ‘hidden child…’ It was diametrically and totally opposite to the lucky and charmed way life had been.

A number of things were causing this rift and contrast. Mostly I didn’t trust me, I didn’t think I could be enough and I didn’t believe it was a good thing to be charging for God’s work.  I was a healer and meditation teacher when I first started.

Something had to give, this battle I was in, with myself was making being in business and doing what I love impossible. It wasn’t viable being in business as I was barely thriving.

I know this is not unusual. I speak to many women who may find their relationship has ended and all of a sudden the reality of their business being an expensive hobby hits them.

I speak to many women who are running on the same spot, doing the same ol’ thing, maybe wrapped up with a new shiny paper or two and confused as to why the outcomes aren’t improving and why their business isn’t making them the promise of money.

Something drastic needs to change!

When I speak to women and offer my money sessions the thing that strikes me is the desperation to do something and change something for a better outcome. Yet the stumbling block which is an excuse, is money.  An oxymoron!!!

I say an excuse and when I have said before I get shot down with people saying ‘I have no money…how can you expect me to spend any?

Well just recently someone was in tears about how they have no money, no clients and are needed to get a job and know that they need to raise their money consciousness, yet when it came to crunch they still had no money. Fine – however they had so far in the last 12 months had 4 overseas holidays. That is not someone with no money. That is someone making a choice about how to spend money and what ultimately is important or in this case not important to them.

Consider how often you say you have no money for personal transformation and growth?

The thing is it is always a choice! This is what I had to remind myself all those years ago and the choice I made was to resolve this. This is how and why I started on a journey which has led me to show and teach hundreds of women world wide how they can:

  • raise their money consciousness
  • heal their money patterns
  • call in money while changing the world
  • learn how to create miracles in their life
It does perplex me, sadden me and make me wonder what more I can do for those who are so encased in fear and low self-esteem and delusion that this isn’t relevant or enough of a priority for them and instead they choose struggle.
Part of my story which I battle with is my not good enough manifests with, ‘I could have…should have done more…’ I have learned how to work with this so I honour that part of me without giving it all a way and and devaluing me while sacrificing, so balance is something I consciously work on in this area 😉
However this issue remains something that is core to my mission and if you want to create  ‘money miracles’ in your life then you have do something different. You need to release the will to make it different so that you will take the action that will support you.
Don’t be afraid. Don’t believe that it is too hard and this is how your life will be forever, with unrequited dreams and impossible to reach joy and abundance that slips though your fingers. It can and will be different. It is a choice that you have to make. Only you can make it…!

Will you choose abundance today?

If you can say a big wholehearted YES to this then I do have a gift for you. It is my money and chakra eBook. Now in this eBook you will learn enough about chakras if they are new to you and you will then be able to discover which one is holding a money block for you and you will be able to find some solutions to heal this.

TO GET THIS eBook, click here and if you could share this post with others that would mean so much too!

Go forth and start on your path of creating money miracles!


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